13 Weeks Pregnant, Fetus and Ultrasound: What To Expect

13 Weeks Pregnant, Fetus and Ultrasound

The week 13 pregnancy marks the official start to your trimester two. Pat your back! Yes, you deserve it. Congratulate yourself on making it till here in all your good health conditions. The pregnancy week 13 is indeed a period to rejoice. It is seen in many families that the celebrations begin only after the thirteenth week. This is because a relative change in the size of the belly is seen when compared to the past twelve weeks. It makes it evident for the people who see you to understand that you are carrying an unborn in your womb.

Let us know look at some of the 13 weeks pregnant symptoms. Much to your happiness, the pregnancy week 13 will put an end to your morning sickness, dizziness, constipation and the likes. However, this change has not been marked or seen in every single pregnant woman. But, eight of every ten women who reach their thirteenth pregnancy week have assured and rejoiced this change. Of all, the morning sickness is the most that has been troubling you in trimester period one. In spite of its drop in trimester two, a few other uneasy illnesses will take the place of morning sickness. It is read that different women will go through different problems in their pregnancy period after a certain stage. The 13 weeks pregnant belly is also a change which everyone will start noticing in you.

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13 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound – What to Expect

Doctors call the 13 weeks pregnant ultrasound to check the fetal growth or warning signs that you need for medical attention. After getting the report of ultrasound scan pregnancy at 13 weeks you will get the idea how big is your baby and size of peach. It is very difficult to find out the gender of your baby during 13 weeks pregnancy ultrasound. Just check out the 13 week ultrasound pictures below where you will get fair idea of your baby at 13 weeks.

13 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

The Change in Your Baby During 13 Weeks Pregnancy

First of all the changes, this week assures the change in the weight of your baby which is the most important in a 13 week fetus. From 1 ½ inches long in the eleventh week, it may now approximately weigh about 28.3 grams. The size of your uterus will expand and enlarge. But this doesn’t mean that your baby is as big as you feel your uterus has grown.

You must know that your baby is still as tiny as half a banana. Yes, you read it right! It is now when your baby will form his twenty little teeth. His intestines will travel from the umbilical cord into his own abdomen. This is sure a positive change seen in the babies of the thirteen week pregnant women. This change in them is a sign of the development of their digestive system. 13 weeks pregnant ultrasound will help you see all these developments in your baby.

One of the most awaited progresses is the sucking of the baby’s thumb when he is in his mother’s womb. The thirteenth week pregnancy will assure this change in your baby. He will start to move his hands in order to make it easy for him to suck his thumb at the time of hunger. This is one of the most cherished moments for a 13 weeks pregnant woman.

Every week marks a start of a new development in your baby. This week is that of a rib cage. However, it does not harden up this early, but the bones will take a form of ribs in his chest. All these changes can be clearly seen because the skin of a thirteen week unborn is as crystal clear as a thin paper. This will let us be able to see through the functioning of his tiny little organs. The growth in his hair also will be seen in this week. The new little hair of an unborn is scientifically termed as Lanugo. This will cover his body when he is inside but it will start to shed once he comes out of his mother’s womb. These are the list of major changes in both the baby and his mother that are welcomed in the thirteenth week of pregnancy.