40 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, No Signs of Labour

40 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

40th Week of Pregnancy

If An Expectant Mother Is In Her 40th Week Of Pregnancy It Means That Her Due Date Is Just Around The Corner. First Time Mothers Often Carry Their Babies For A Longer Period As Inducing Forced Labour Is Not A Consideration Before 42nd Week Or in Cases of Emergency.

Baby At 40 Weeks

Following Changes Are Observed in a Baby At 40 Weeks of Pregnancy:-

  • Developments Of All Five Senses Are Complete And A Baby Is Ready To Arrive In This World. His Vision Is A Bit Weak But His Sense Of Hearing Is Very Acute And Together With His Matured Brain, He Is Able To Recognize Sounds And Voices.
  • Pregnancy After 40 Shows A Baby Still Shedding Lanugo Hair
  • Baby At 40 Weeks Is Curled In His Birth Position With Heads Down And Limbs Crossed Over Chest. Even After Birth Some Babies Continue With This Position As They Have Become Used To This.
  • At 0 Weeks, A Baby Has Fully Developed Reflexes And Basic Skills Like Sucking Which Is Vital For His Feeds. Other Important Reflex Actions That He Is Accomplished In Are Startle Reflex And Grasping.
  • His Internal Organs Are Fully Developed And Mature To Start Functioning After Birth. Lungs And Brain Are Exceptions As They Persist In Growing And Developing Even After Birth.
  • Liver Of A Baby Has Enough Starch Storage To Start Production Of Glucose After Birth
  • Skull Bones Are Not Yet Developed To Provide Easy Access In Birth Cannel During Birthing
  • A Baby At 40 Weeks Is Fully Developed Externally And He Is Nearly 20 Inches In Length And Weighs Nearly 7.6 Pounds. It Is Seen That Boys Are A Bit Heavier Than Girls
  • In This Week A Baby Is Ready For His Journey And His Head Is Engaged In Pelvis.
  • As A Baby Travels Down Gradually, Bump On A Belly Drops A Little Bit. This Indicates That Due Date Is Fast Approaching. It Reduces Certain Symptoms Like Breathlessness, Gas, Heartburn And Rib Pain As There Is Now More Space For Stretching.

40 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Following Symptoms Are Noticed In 40th Week of Pregnancy:-

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40 Weeks Pregnant No Signs of Labor

When A Mother Is In Her 40th Week And She Does Not Have Any Signs Of Labor, Then There Is Nothing To Worry About. Only 5% Of Babies Are Born On Their Due Date As The Date of Conception Is An Estimated Time Taken Out By Knowing Last Date Of Periods. This May Vary From Beginning To End Of That Month. It Is Seen That Contractions Start By Themselves Within A Few Days To Start Normal Delivery.