How Smoking Affects Baby During Pregnancy – What Risks Involved For You and Your Baby?

How Smoking Affects Baby During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most celebrating and joyful moment for any women to enjoy motherhood. A women is complete only if she gets the chance of becoming a mother. It is the 9 tough months she undergoes to give birth to her offspring with all the nourishment and care. In terms of physical, mental nourishment there is also needed to have a peaceful environment to have a hassle free pregnancy time.

Habits of the mother matter a lot and affect the baby during the pregnancy period, as they have positive or negative impact upon the growing baby and its conditions. In particular the negative factors impact faster than the positive ones. Due to pregnancy, any mother would have excess of free time, as they are confined mostly to the house and get bored often. This happens often and most of anyone’s habit come out at this time. Most of women choose to do some time pass works such as embroidery or some indoor games specially designed for pregnant women.

Smoking has been a habit of all the sexes, in these days irrespective of gender. As it is idle time, women tend to smoke too often than usual. In normal, smoking affects a person’s health and its impact doubles at the time of pregnancy in women particularly.

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Smoking during first month of pregnancy can be seen to be having substantially less impact upon the baby. Anyhow it is often suggested to decrease or completely quit the habit of smoking in the initial months or at the time of pregnancy to ensure the good health of the child to be born.

Smoking during early pregnancy is also similar to the fact of quitting smoking during the early 3 months of pregnancy. As the possibilities of the low birth weight babies is equally possible. However if the mother quits smoking after her pregnancy well before the vital development starts, they can avoid some defects that can incur to their babies.

Although there are few myths regarding the smoking related disorders there are always necessary precautions to be taken to avoid further complications in future. In most of the cases, babies with less birth weight is being observed. Along with it, defective organ Eco topic pregnancy, premature labor and many fatal complications that make baby and the mother suffer.

Smoking during Pregnancy First Trimester is very important as many factors and affects can be avoided by quitting smoking in the first trimester itself. From the second and the third complications make become more fatal finally leading to death of baby sometimes. There is always a fatal danger of premature rupture of membranes that makes all the vital processes of pregnancy to be preponed/happen very early than expected. There are also equal chances of premature birth for those women who smoke. Sadly, passive smoking also has its effects upon the mother and the baby and it is often suggested to keep as far as possible way from the smoking.