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Anemia Problem During Pregnancy: What Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Anemia Problem During Pregnancy

Generally, many ladies face few common problems during pregnancy and there are many reasons for each and every problem. Anemia is one of the most common problems among ladies during pregnancy. Anemia, basically defined as loss of blood content in body is in several forms and factors to affect ladies during pregnancy.

When pregnant women are affected with Anemia, the body does not contain enough blood counts like red blood cells. When there are low level of red blood cells in body, there exists a great barrier to carry oxygen that is required for both mother and fetus. Anemic pregnant ladies suffer from low vigor and strength during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, usually body produces more amount of blood in order to carry oxygen and essential nutrients to mother and child where if the pregnant ladies are affected with anemia, the supply will be hindered and hence the fetus growth will be not in the standard levels.

What Causes Anemia During Pregnancy?

When there is less supply or intake of iron, folic nutrients and other nutrients, pregnant women will be affected with anemia. Normally every pregnant woman will be affected with mild anemia where due to fewer intakes of essential foods and nutrients, few pregnant women will suffer with anemia.

Anemia During Pregnancy

There are different types of anemia based on the factors which are further categorized in to Iron-deficiency anemia, folate-deficiency anemia, Vitamin B-12 deficiency anemia.

Side Effects of Anemia During Pregnancy

There are several side effects with anemia during pregnancy which include pale skin, pale lips, pale nails; feeling tired and dizzy all the time; having shortened breathe; rapid heartbeat; concentration troubles etc.,

Anemia Treatment During Pregnancy

Even if pregnant woman do not have anemia, doctors suggest patients to go for anemic tests at their second or third trimester.

Pregnant woman with anemia are usually suggested to take the supplement s of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. Usually pregnant woman will be in need of more blood instead normal conditions where anemic woman should take more supplements with normal diet.

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Home Remedies Anemia During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman should include specific diets in their daily food. It is best if woman add meat, eggs, dairy products to the daily diet. To eradicate anemia during pregnancy, pregnant ladies should take and make a list of diet that includes lean red meat, poultry and fish; leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale etc.; iron enriched cereals and grains; beans, lentil, nuts, seeds; eggs.

Home Remedies Anemia During Pregnancy

It is better if pregnant woman can have vitamin C efficient foods that include citrus fruits, juices, strawberries, kiwis, tomatoes, bell peppers.

Intake of freshly cooked and baked home foods will eradicate many unwanted side effects during pregnancy. It is always better to prevent the anemic conditions rather searching for cure later.

Anemia During Pregnancy Complications

There exists many complications during pregnancy which include preterm baby, postpartum depression, baby might also be affected with anemia, child with development delays, spine and brain affects for the baby. Pre and post excess bleeding will also cause anemia during pregnancy. Loss of blood may cause severe problems for pregnant ladies.

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