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Asthma During Pregnancy: Complications and Treatment

Asthma is known to be a common problem among women who are pregnant and this also includes those who haven’t had this earlier. During the time when you are pregnant, asthma attack not only affects you but it can also reduce the amount of oxygen your baby might need. But it does not mean that Asthma and pregnancy can cause troubles. Proper and timely treatment can certainly provide you with some relief.

Women who have asthma can have a normal pregnancy when it is well controlled. There are some Asthma and pregnancy guidelines which one can follow to stay fit and healthy.

Many women have various doubts when it comes to Asthma treatment in pregnancy. But the fact is that these asthma treatments are safe and do not cause any harm to the mother or the baby. It is after many years of research that it is stated that doctors can give the safest treatment for asthma during pregnancy. But to be sure, you can talk to your doctor about the best treatment which is suitable for you.

Risks Associated with Asthma During Pregnancy

Even though you might not have asthma earlier, there are chances that you might have an asthma attack while pregnant. But you need to know the difference between a general shortness of breath and asthma attack. If you know that you are prone to asthma, you might as well not consider any mild symptoms but it can affect the mother as well as fetus. So, proper and timely treatment has to be taken.

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If asthma is not controlled on time, then you might get into some risks like high blood pressure or a condition called as Preeclampsia. This is one condition which can cause high blood pressure and this can also affect the liver, kidneys, the brain as well as the placenta. There are also some Asthma and pregnancy complications which can arise for the fetus. There can be a preterm birth and also a low birth weight.

Treatment of Asthma During Pregnancy

Asthma treatment in pregnancy has to been taken under doctor’s supervision. Pregnant women need to manage asthma the same way non pregnant women do. They need to have an action plan which will be of help when they need to control inflammation as this helps to control any further asthma attacks.

One part of the action plan is to record the movement of the fetus. You need to note if the fetal movements decrease or increase. If you observe that the kicks are less when there is an asthma attack, then you certainly need to consult your doctor at once.

Let us also have a look at some of the things you need to keep in mind when you are suffering from asthma.

  • Keep monitoring the fetal movements every day after 28 weeks of your pregnancy.
  • If you are having very severe asthma then you also need to consider going in for ultrasounds often, especially after completion of 32 weeks.
  • You also need to make sure you avoid doing anything that triggers asthma.
  • Get an extra protection against flu and this can be taken during any trimester.

So, now that you know about asthma during pregnancy, be cautious and look for any signs or symptoms or consult your doctor right away if you feel it is asthma.

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