Best Exercise During Pregnancy for Normal Delivery

The only thing the mother has in mind during her pregnancy is the health of the child. Every woman wishes for a normal delivery and to make sure it happens, it is important to choose and follow the right diet for you which again has to be combined with the right exercises during pregnancy. Following the right kind of regime for exercising can help you have a normal delivery without any complications.

Let us have a look at some of the best exercises that can be followed during pregnancy for normal delivery as well as pregnancy health.

Exercise 1 – Opening Hips : This exercise of opening hips involves performing a deep squat as this helps in the release of the energy from your pelvis. You need to take 5 breaths when in that position and this can be repeated for 2 or three times. But this can only be done before 36 weeks of pregnancy and one should not try this after the completion of 36 weeks.

Exercise 2 – Pelvic Stretches : The exercise of Pelvic stretches is very effective and is known to be the best exercise during pregnancy for normal delivery. This has to be performed on a ball and one has to be careful too while performing. The feet have to be rooted on the ground and the legs have to be stretched apart and the back has to be straight. This will help in stretching and shifting of pelvis can this can be done from 10-20 times and this depends on one’s comfort level.

Exercise 3 – Yoga Postures : Yoga helps develop elasticity and helps in giving the body the needed stamina and power without the need to carry weights. Yoga, so far, has been considered best for having a regular pregnancy. But do remember to try this with the help of experts.

Exercise 4 – Aquatic Exercises : Water lightens up your weight and that’s why it is good for performing exercises. A pregnant woman must take advantage of a float in water as this certainly will help her in maintaining balance. Exercises like Stretches and lunges help to soothe the muscles and also prevent extreme labor pain.

Exercise 5- Pelvic or a Angry Cat Tilt : A pelvic tilt helps in preventing the pain any pregnant woman would go through during the labor and delivery. Thus a pelvic tilt when done on all fours can strengthen the back muscles to get a regular delivery the back needs a good quantity of support.

Exercise 6 – Squats : Squats during pregnancy are a good strategy to give your pelvic muscles some loosening and contraction. Taking the toilet location with all a gymnasium ball or holder’s support, will give pelvic area and your thighs a good pressure.

The above listed are some of the best exercises during pregnancy for normal delivery, which can be followed. Any exercise which a pregnant women wishes to do has to be done under the guidance of an expert.

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