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What Does Breast Pain During Pregnancy

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Pain the breast can occur during any trimester of pregnancy; it can be the first, the second or even the third trimester. This can be termed as the very first sign of pregnancy and this can also occur in the final stages of your pregnancy when the breasts are ready to nurture your new born. With a little knowledge and a little care, you can indeed get some relief from the pregnancy breast pain.

Let us know in detail have a look the occurrence and the causes of breast pain during pregnancy in every trimester.

Pain in Breast During Pregnancy First Trimester

Tenderness in breasts can occur when you are in early stages of pregnancy and this can occur after two weeks of your conception. This is the time when the estrogen levels as well as the progesterone levels in the body increase so as to get them ready for the production of milk. So, when you are pregnant, the milk ducts which are present in your breasts will expand in their size and this can at times cause breast pain in early pregnancy.

Breast Pain During Pregnancy Second Trimester

It is during this trimester that the size of your breasts will certainly increase and this change is quite noticeable. This is the preparation for the storing of the breast milk and thus excess fat starts accumulating in your breasts. The tenderness which is experienced in the first trimester will see a decrease in this period. This is the time when your nipples will get tender and they will remain the same till the time of birth. The increase in the size of the breasts will cause painful breast during pregnancy.

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Breast Pain During Pregnancy Third Trimester

This is time when you can see the tenderness of your breasts coming back. This is caused due to the new hormone called as prolactin which helps your milk glands to produce colostrum, which is the first liquid produced by your breasts before producing milk. This is the time when your breasts will start feeling full and heavy. Sharp breast pain during pregnancy can occur during the third trimester.

The tenderness or the pain in the breasts cannot be completely taken care of, but there are some tips which can be followed so that you can reduce the pain and the discomfort.

You can start with wearing a bra which would support your breasts. If you are wearing a bra which does not support your breasts, then that would only increase your problem. You also need to be gentle with them when taking bath. You can as well give your breasts a very tender massage so as to avoid any pain.

You also need to understand that if you feel tenderness in your breasts which is different than usual or if it is very severe or you are experiencing any red rash with pain then you need an evaluation from your doctor. There can also be an occurrence of milk duct infection. In cases when your breasts seem inflated and are very hot to touch, then it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

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