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Is it Safe to Dye Your Hair During Pregnancy?

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have great hair — you just need to exercise a bit and apply few precautions. Questions based on the hair treatment amid pregnancy are basic. Most treatment includes chemicals and colours, which make women thinking about whether they are safe to use, or not.

Tips for Safe Hair Dyeing

Here are a few tips for safe hair dyeing in order to ensure that you get the color you need while protecting your baby-to-be.

  • Do wait to colour your hair till your first trimester is complete. After the basic phases of your child’s organ advancement are finished, you can start experimenting with your hair.
  • Instead of utilizing an allover hair colour, use a procedure like highlighting, streaking, icing or, painting, in which the chemicals have next to zero contact with your scalp. (Any hair-coloring agent that is absorbed into your system would get through your skin, not from the hair shaft.)
  • If you want to colour your own hair, wear precautionary gloves and work in a very much ventilated space to minimize your contact with the chemicals utilized as a part of the coloring procedure.
  • Don’t leave the colour on time longer than the necessary period, and ensure your scalp is altogether washed toward the end of the procedure.
  • Use delicate colors. Try to remember the kind of colour you utilise. Get some information about gentler alternatives, similar to colouring with an ammonia-free base. In case you’re using a greater amount of the DIY sort, consider using a semi-permanent colouring — it doesn’t contain peroxide and is all better than the permanent colours, and blurs bit by bit following a month or something like that.

Hair Treatments During Pregnancy

In general, the hair treatments are thought as safe to use amid pregnancy. Notwithstanding, you may likewise consider getting highlights or utilizing pure vegetable colours. Irrespective of that, you can still wait for the completion of the first trimester.

Follow appropriate working conditions, for example, wearing defensive gloves, not eating at the work zone, and ensuring your work region is very much ventilated are a few essentials to restrict contact to hair treatment chemicals.

Dying Hair While Pregnant Risks

According to few research, the chemicals present inside the permanent and semi-permanent dyes are not very toxic and can be used safely during pregnancy time. In case one is reluctant to use standard hair colours, there are some more secure other options to consider. For instance, having highlights put in your hair diminishes any hazard as the colour is put on the strands of your hair and not necessarily touch the scalp.

But for cosmetologists, the dangers amid pregnancy originate from the amount of contact to hair treatment chemicals, which is influenced by the total working hours, and additionally, working conditions. One research demonstrates a more serious hazard for premature delivery in women who apply vast quantities of permanent hair colours and bleach, work over 40 hours for each week, as well as work in salons that provide nail sculpturing services.

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