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Flu Shot While Pregnant: Is it Safe?

Is it safe to take flu shots during pregnancy

There are many questions that arise when we talk about taking flu shots during pregnancy. But doctors do believe that it is safe to get a flu shot when you are pregnant as it protects the mother as well as the baby. If you are wondering as to Whats the flu shot while pregnant, it is a vaccine which helps the mother and the baby to keep themselves safe from flu and infections.

It is time you get yourself ready for that flu vaccine. As per CDC, every mum to be needs to take flu shot while pregnant as it prevents the occurrence of influenza when pregnant. This vaccination also helps to prevent the risk of complications. Even this flu vaccination would help protect your kid till she gets old enough to take the flu shot herself.

These flu shots will certainly be of help and aid you against even the slightest of colds and cough and keeps you away from such many other infections. If you are really not sure as to which week you need to take these flu shots, you can just call your medical practitioner and check with them about the same.

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Let us try and answer some questions which will helps us to know more about taking flu shot during pregnancy.

Is it Safe to take Flu Shots During Pregnancy?

Yes, flu shots are safe to be taken when pregnant and they are a must for every mom to be.

Why should a pregnant woman take the flu shot?

The occurrence of flu while you are pregnant can lead to worse conditions like pneumonia and the flu shot prevents it. The flu shot is only for the protection of the pregnant lady but also it protects your baby from various ailments. As per a research, it is said that the babies of the mother who has taken flu vaccine have very less chances that they get cold or flu when compared to the other babies. Moreover the babies too are born very healthy and with good weight.

Where Can a Pregnant Woman Get the Flu Shot?

Any pregnant woman get the dose of flu shot at the flu shot clinics and these are also available at local pharmacy. But any pregnant women needs to take the vaccine using a needle rather than the other vaccine which is nasal spray.

Do the Flu Shots Cause Autism?

There is no proven evidence that the flu shots would cause Autism. So, you can for sure put this worry of yours and take flu vaccine during pregnancy.

There are many women who are very much worried about the flu vaccines containing a little amount of the preservative of ethyl mercury-based which is called thimerosal. But women who are pregnant need not worry about it as the medical associations did state that those minute amount of thimerosal is indeed safe. If you still feel very unsafe about the same, then you an even ask your medical practitioner to give you a flu vaccination which is free from thimerosal.

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