Pain During Pregnancy

Gas During Pregnancy: Causes And Tips For Relief

Body faces many physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Gas pain during pregnancy is one of the common problem faced by women and it was not expected commonly in learning by newly exerting women. During pregnancy body faces many changes and that leads to problem with gas. When you think what causes gas during pregnancy, The main change is a lot of progesterone circulates in blood stream of mother’s body. This progesterone relaxes all muscles in the body including valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach. This causes gas problem. Or we can say that progesterone slows the digestive cycle as it slows peristalsis.

This leads to consumption and this intern leads to gas. During pregnancy when you go for further stages along with the baby the size of uterus also increases that increases pressure on intestines and colon this make heard to have bowel moment which in return may lead gas, bloating, burping, and flatulence. Through some home remedies we can obtain Gas relief during pregnancy. By maintaining hydration by drinking lot of water and other fluids you can avoid gas problem, as dehydration leads to intake of fluids from intestine that may result to gas. Frizzy drinks and beverages that contain carbon also leads to gas. Diet is very important during pregnancy. Intake of fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains helps stools to pass easier.

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Causes of Gas Pain and Bloating During Pregnancy

Even some of healthy foods also causes gas to some people so it is better to avoid foods that causes gas. Taking food in time and chewing and swallowing food matters a lot and avoid fluids in take between meals. Fructose also causes trouble for some women. Fructose are used in some fruit drinks and sodas for sweetening. Some have problem with starches for them it is better to avoid potatoes, corn and other starches. Lactose intolerant people should avoid dairy products. These people should have supplement for calcium. Avoid artificial sweeteners. The vitamin supplements like iron may also cause constipation and that may lead to gas. Gas and bloating problem during pregnancy caused by constipation become worse in progressive stages.

Gas during early pregnancy is common and potentially embarrassing symptom. Gas is one of the early symptoms that caused for some women. It is a boating sensation caused due to indigestion. Gas common occurs for everyone but due to increased levels of progesterone during pregnancy leads to experience more gas problem. And it makes difficult to stop releasing gas and this creates awkward situation.

When you have painful gas during pregnancy with abdominal pain and cramping it is better to consult doctor so you can go for medication if it is required. It is not possible to prevent gas but you can minimize this by making changes in life style and working on remedies we can get relief from gas. Having small walks, breathing exercises, adding stool softeners, having fiber supplements and taking food that contains fiber, having plenty of water in small quantities, maintain good diet is always important in pregnancy.

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