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How Long Does Your Hair Falling Out After Pregnancy

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Being pregnant and giving birth to a baby is the most wonderful moment in every woman’s life. But every woman also needs to undergo the challenges which occur during this phase like the change in their physical appearance, the increase in weight and especially the postpartum hair loss. The transformation to being a mother is not an easy journey. One of the most common problems which every woman face is the problem of postpartum hair loss or hair loss after pregnancy. Let us learn about it in detail.

While hair loss during pregnancy is very rare among women many of the experience more than expected hair loss after pregnancy. There can be a sudden shedding of hair, at times even in clumps and many new mothers can experience this in between 3 and 6 months after they give birth.

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What Causes the Postpartum Hair Loss?

Normally, our head loses about 100 hairs a day but they are all not lost at once. During pregnancy, the hormones in the body prevent these hairs from falling off and this is why a pregnant women hair looks thick and lush. This comes to an end after you give birth and once your hormone levels are back to normal, the same is with your hair fall. Post pregnancy hair loss occurs as these extra hairs drop off.

If you are experiencing hair fall during pregnancy you might be talking to your physician but what can be done for the hair fall after pregnancy. Let us have a look at some of the tips for the hair falling out after pregnancy.

  • You can keep your hair healthy and prevent hair fall by eating well and you can as well take a supplement of prenatal vitamins.
  • You also need to be extra gentle, especially during your shedding season so that you can prevent hair loss. You also need to shampoo only when it is necessary and also use a good conditioner along with the shampoo.
  • Make sure you use a comb which has a wide tooth so that you can minimize the tangling of your hair which otherwise can cause hair loss.
  • You can as well use barrettes or make use of scrunches so that you can tie up your hair as these are better than the regular rubber bands. And do remember that you do not pull your hair tighter.
  • You also need to avoid the use of use of blow dryers or using curling or irons for hair straightening or stay away from any kind of chemicals for your hair. It is very hard to get that time after you have your baby, but if in case you have, do avoid such chemicals.
  • In cases of excessive loss of hair after pregnancy, then it is important you talk to your medical practitioner as they will check if it is accompanied by any other symptoms and at times it can be due to the sign of any postpartum thyroiditis.

Losing hair after pregnancy is a very common problem which can occur in almost every woman after her pregnancy. So, do not panic and take a little care to keep your hair as healthy as it was before.

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