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How Smoking Affects Baby During Pregnancy – What Risks Involved For You and Your Baby?

It is a sad fact that cigarette smoking can negatively affect our lives whether we smoke or not. The dangers of second-hand smoke have been documented in numerous studies and the dangers and risks of cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke to pregnant women and unborn babies is even higher.

Pregnancy is the most celebrating and joyful moment for any women to enjoy motherhood. A women is complete only if she gets the chance of becoming a mother. It is the 9 tough months she undergoes to give birth to her offspring with all the nourishment and care. In terms of physical, mental nourishment there is also needed to have a peaceful environment to have a hassle free pregnancy time.

Cigarette smoking is often a very difficult habit to break and surveys have shown that many pregnant women continue to smoke throughout their pregnancies. While it would seem unlikely that these women would be unaware of the dangers they continue to smoke, perhaps it is too difficult for some of these women to stop, however, the sad truth is that smoking cigarettes during pregnancy puts an unborn baby at much higher risk for sickness and even death.

Habits of the mother matter a lot and affect the baby during the pregnancy period, as they have positive or negative impact upon the growing baby and its conditions. In particular the negative factors impact faster than the positive ones. Due to pregnancy, any mother would have excess of free time, as they are confined mostly to the house and get bored often. This happens often and most of anyone’s habit come out at this time. Most of women choose to do some time pass works such as embroidery or some indoor games specially designed for pregnant women.

Smoking has been a habit of all the sexes, in these days irrespective of gender. As it is idle time, women tend to smoke too often than usual. In normal, smoking affects a person’s health and its impact doubles at the time of pregnancy in women particularly.

Cigarette smoke is loaded with chemicals. There may be as many as 2500 different chemicals contained in cigarette smoke and most of these are dangerous to our health. Everything that the mother takes into her body is transmitted to the baby and that includes the nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar and other dangerous chemicals that are in cigarettes. Many studies have proven how dangerous these chemicals can be and how they can affect the development of the fetus inside the mother’s womb.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous for the development of the baby but it can also adversely affect the mother’s health as well. A woman who smokes heavily during the first trimester of her pregnancy runs a much higher risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when the embryo attaches itself outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes. This type of pregnancy is not viable and it puts the mother’s life in danger.

Smoking While Pregnant Facts

The fallopian tube could burst causing hemorrhaging and more. The fetus cannot get any of the nourishment that it requires so this type of pregnancy usually requires hospitalization and surgery to remove the non-viable fetus. If the fallopian tube bursts before the fetus has been removed the mother’s life could be in grave danger. Even in the least serious ectopic pregnancies the mothers fertility is threatened. An ectopic pregnancy usually results in the mother being unable to conceive and become pregnant again.

Another potential complication that is much higher in a woman who smokes is placenta complications. Placenta previa is where the placenta is connected too low in the uterus, almost at the cervix. This causes many problems because there is not enough support for the growing fetus. Placenta previa can result in infant death and severe complications to the mother, including death.

Cigarette smoking can also result in low infant birth weight. This can cause lasting problems for the baby, especially if there are any delays in development because of it. Reports show that there are significant differences in birth weight between smoking mothers and and mothers who have been around second-hand smoke and non-smoking mothers. Low birth weight can result in cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other problems in the baby, including death.

So here are a few of the risks…

  • Increases risk of miscarriage
  • Increases risk of complications during birth
  • Increases likelihood of having a low-weight baby more vulnerable to health problems
  • Increases chances of the baby dying at birth

Smoking Cigarettes During Pregnancy: Effects & Risks

Cigarette smoking during pregnancy also increases the possibility of birth defects such as cleft lip and cleft palate. Stillbirth is also much higher in women who smoke during pregnancy. Babies born to women who smoke have a higher incidence of sudden infant death syndrome. The also have a higher rate of asthma, behavioral problems and learning disabilities.

After pregnancy the dangers of smoking are still high-risk for the baby. Studies show that nicotine can be passed on to the baby through the breast milk if a mom chooses to breastfeed. Urine testing has proven that these babies have nicotine in their system. Nicotine is one of the most addictive of the chemicals in cigarettes. If the mother chooses not to breastfeed but still continues to smoke the baby has all the risks of second-hand smoke but even worse because of their small, still developing and growing bodies.

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New research has even shown that third-hand smoke can be dangerous to babies. Third-hand smoke is the toxic gases and chemicals that are left behind on your skin and clothes when you smoke. So even if the mom goes outside away from her baby to smoke it can still be dangerous to the babies health. Third-hand smoke can still cause serious health concerns like asthma and other breathing problems, learning disorders and cancer.

Smoking is bad for you and bad for your baby. The ideal time to quit smoking is before you get pregnant but the sooner you quit smoking during your pregnancy, the healthier you and your baby will be. But quitting smoking completely and never starting again is the best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a healthy you for the long term.

Smoking during first month of pregnancy can be seen to be having substantially less impact upon the baby. Anyhow it is often suggested to decrease or completely quit the habit of smoking in the initial months or at the time of pregnancy to ensure the good health of the child to be born.

Smoking during early pregnancy is also similar to the fact of quitting smoking during the early 3 months of pregnancy. As the possibilities of the low birth weight babies is equally possible. However if the mother quits smoking after her pregnancy well before the vital development starts, they can avoid some defects that can incur to their babies.

Although there are few myths regarding the smoking related disorders there are always necessary precautions to be taken to avoid further complications in future. In most of the cases, babies with less birth weight is being observed. Along with it, defective organ Eco topic pregnancy, premature labor and many fatal complications that make baby and the mother suffer.

Smoking during Pregnancy First Trimester is very important as many factors and affects can be avoided by quitting smoking in the first trimester itself. From the second and the third complications make become more fatal finally leading to death of baby sometimes. There is always a fatal danger of premature rupture of membranes that makes all the vital processes of pregnancy to be preponed/happen very early than expected. There are also equal chances of premature birth for those women who smoke. Sadly, passive smoking also has its effects upon the mother and the baby and it is often suggested to keep as far as possible way from the smoking.

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