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How To Get Pregnant Fast and Easy With Twins Naturally

There are a number of couples who wish to have twins, the natural way. Not everyone knows that there is a natural way to conceive twins without the use of any drugs. In this article we bring to you some light on some of those factors which might increase the factors of you getting pregnant with twins naturally.

  • Most of us know that some families have a hereditary of twins in the family history. If that is the case, you might as well have the chance to get pregnant fast with twins.
  • Some of the studies have shown evidences that there is certainly some link between folic acid and twins. It is said that women who take more folic acid supplements have 40% more chances to conceive with twins.
  • It is also said that women who are overweight have more chances to have twins when compared to others. But it is also not safe for woman to gain more weight as it can cause trouble during labor.
  • Having a lot of dairy products too can increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins. This is said to increase your chances by 5 times and thus if you want twins, you can have lots and lots of dairy products.
  • A recent study also showed that women who are older have more chances of getting pregnant with twins when compared to the younger women.

If you really want to get pregnant fast with twins, you can as well try the IVF method. But as said, natural is always good.

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Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy

The following symptoms come under positive category: Ultra sound detection, positive pregnancy test, X-ray detection etc. Palpation of the baby, enlargement of abdomen etc come under probable category.

The symptoms of twin pregnancy vary from person to person. The mothers of twins will gain 15 to 25 pounds, where as common pregnancy gain 10 to 20 pounds. The only way to see confirm that you are having pregnancy or twins. In the second or third month you can know that you are pregnant or not. The main early pregnancy symptoms are as follows:

Increase of Breasts: As the breast undergoes changes to prepare for breast feeding and during the first pregnancy breast are often painful.

Tiredness: Due to the hard pumping of heart, progesterone tiredness occurs.

Laziness in the morning: From the date of confirm most of the women feel illness, nausea etc.

Frequent Urination: During pregnancy you rush to the wash rooms because of the growing of uterus.

There are five more important symptoms of pregnancy which are as follows:-

Insomnia, which says you feel more, tired. The second important symptom is vaginal discharge, which says periods are going to stop. The third important symptom is bleeding from nose; the fourth symptom is that constipation that is you become sluggish, the fifth important symptom is gas problem.

The following are the measures to be followed while you are pregnant:-

  • Take rest for more time
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do Exercises
  • Start going to yoga classes
  • Minimum you have to take 300 to 5oo calories
  • Refer books of pregnancy before you become pregnant
  • Go for regular check-ups without delaying
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Daily drink milk containing rose petals
  • Take help of your elders or your husband
  • Avoid using cell phones
  • You can eat fast food but not from outside
  • Wash your hands properly before you are eating etc.

There are five healthy snacks that you must take while you are pregnant such as, fruits, nuts, eggs, cheese etc. The following are the common pregnancy symptoms of twin pregnancy:-

  • Weight Gain
  • Sickness
  • Large Sized Uterus
  • Movement of Fetal
  • Hungrines

Being pregnant is the first great gift given by god and then the most memorable memory is your baby. After that suggesting a beautiful name for your child and enjoying your wonderful will make your life beautiful and colorful.

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