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Itching During Pregnancy Should Not Be Neglected

Itchy Skin During Pregnancy

While pregnancy is the most beautiful stage in every women’s life, there are also few minor complications that might occur during this course. One such problem which can occur is itching.

There can be some skin problems which normally occur during the last two trimesters of the pregnancy. The growing size of the abdomen will contribute to the stretching of the skin and makes it tight. This causes itchiness in skin and is a very disturbing hassle. Itchy skin during pregnancy is one common problem which is faced by around 20% of pregnant women and this is known as PUPPP and this starts from the stomach and then slowly spreads all across the body.

Itching During Pregnancy: The Reasons

As mentioned this occurs mainly during the second or the third trimester. There can be itching in some areas of your body as the skin gets dry as well as flaky. There can also be itching due to the occurrence of rash due to prickly heat.

At times itching can be only restricted to the abdomen region where there can be an occurrence of some red and dry flaky rash. The stretching of the skin is said to the main reason behind this and this comes down after the birth of the baby.

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Some women also experience some prickly heat rashes during pregnancy and these are quite common too. This can be caused to the hormones during pregnancy and the over heat in the body. This kind of prickly heat rash is also very commonly seen in the skin folds as well as the creases.

Increase in perspiration can also cause rashes and this is called as intertrigo. This kind of rash is more common in women are overweight. This is one problem which should be left untreated as it can get hard to treat it if it increases.

While Itchy skin in pregnancy is common, let us have a look at some of the self care tips.

  • We all know that scratching is a good thing to do but instead we can make use of lotions or moisturizing oils in the areas affected.
  • Wearing of loose cotton outfits can help ease the itching. This is very much needed if you have Itchy skin at night.
  • You can as well make use of the oat meal bath formulas for bath. Avoid any extra hot water baths as it can as well increase the itching.
  • You also need to avoid any warm environments as it can increase the itching further.

While normal itching is common, if you experience extensive itching with some red patches then it can be the occurrence of PUPPP. This is mostly seen in the first time mothers but the baby is not affected by the same. This is treated with the use of oral medication and also use of anti itching lotions which are to be applied externally.

Itching though is common has never to be neglected. Do discuss about the same on your visit to your doctor and if the itching is more and looks like it is spreading then it is recommended you seek medical help immediately.

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