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How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Weight loss during pregnancy is not at all advised by medics and even those who are overweight or obese are not advised the same. However women can keep a tab on their routine and diet to make sure they do not put on over weight. If you are thinking of how to lose weight during pregnancy, do check with your doctor first.

Let us have a look at some of the facts which you need to keep in mind while you are planning not to gain much weight while you are pregnant.

  • Never diet when you are pregnant: Never try to lose weight when you are pregnant. Never start a weight loss regime once you know you are pregnant. Any pregnant women should gain weight and dieting might deprive your body and your baby off the needed minerals and vitamins. Can I lose weight during pregnancy, if this is your question, we would say, you cannot.
  • Know as to when you might lose weight during pregnancy: While loss of weight is not at all recommended during the pregnancy, some women might experience loss of weight during their first trimester. This is due to the morning sickness which most of them face.
  • Always talk to your doctor: If you are very much concerned about your weight, you can talk to your physician or dietician on how to manage the weight without causing effect to your baby.
  • Do understand your calorie needs: Any woman who has a normal weight before pregnancy should make sure they take the right intake of calories, which is approximately 300 calories more per day. If you are confused about the calorie intake, it is advised to take suggestion of your doctor.
  • Always avoid unhealthy foods: If you think how to lose weight while pregnant, then never try empty calories or any unhealthy weight loss foods. This can lead to unhealthy weight out on and will also affect your baby as the baby will not receive the needed nutrients.
  • Take your prenatal vitamins: You can take help of prenatal vitamins which will help address the needs of additional nutrients. But do remember not to take these as a substitute for food.
  • Take frequent meals: You can try taking in small frequent meals instead of three full meals as it provides benefit to woman who are pregnant and this is more helpful when you have nausea or vomiting as a part of morning sickness.

Every pregnant woman should focus on a healthy diet rather than weight loss. They should take foods which are rich in protein, carbohydrate and fat. If you like juices try taking in orange juice, spinach or strawberry juices. Start your day with a good breakfast and have high fiber foods for lunch.

Do remember that the baby within you needs good amount of vitamins and proteins, thus never neglect the intake of healthy food. A healthy you is a healthy baby tomorrow.

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