Pain During Pregnancy

Why Painful Breast Lumps During Pregnancy

If you are in your second or the third semester of your pregnancy and if you found a lump in your breast; do not panic. Thought finding a lump in your breast during pregnancy can certainly be scary, it’s nothing to panic about. The occurrence of dangerous conditions such as breast cancer while pregnant is very rare and the chanceses are beyond low when your age is below 35.

It’s more likely that your breasts may just be reacting to all of the hormonal changes you’re going through…

If you’re in your 3rd trimester, a lump in the breast may be the result of a clogged milk duct as your body prepares for your newborn’s arrival.

When milk ducts clog, they can get enlarged. If it truly is a clogged milk duct, it is likely that at first it will be red and a bit painful, but will eventually go away on its own. 

The blocked milk ducts are pretty hard to the touch and they will clear up within less than a week. On the other hand, this is good news that your body is making itself ready to nurse your little one. And women who choose to breastfeed reduce the risk of breast cancer even later in their lives.

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If you find a lump in breast while pregnant and if feels painful, there are certain remedies which can be followed at home to get some immediate relief. Applying a warm compress to your breast can be effective. Even a tender massage which helps unclog the milk duct and thus helps in eliminating the lump formed. Some doctors also suggest not wearing any wired bras and getting wire-free bras that offer more support. It’s always good to let your doctor know immediately when you are noticing a breast in your lump. If the breast lump does not go away after a week, then you should call your doctor to let him or her know. 

A lump in the breast at 6- Weeks is also one of the most common problems which many women face. Though there is no need to panic, this can be caused due to a change which occurs in the breast tissue. The breast tissues undergo changes before the second trimester and this occurs due to hormonal changes. So, there is certainly no need to panic. If the lump is big and is painful then your doctor might want you to have a scan done to find out what is going on for sure. 

Just remember, don’t panic. Your doctor is always likely to help you and guide you in the right direction. It can be a new and scary experience, especially for new moms, but it’s better to be calm and talk to your doctor. Wait for few days and try the home remedies and if still there is no change or if you find more lumps, tell your doctor again. Keep a positive mind and enjoy your pregnancy.

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