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Post Pregnancy Hair Loss – How Long Does It Last

Hair loss is most common for women after their pregnancy. Many of them do get into the panic stage when there are issues concerning about their skin or hair and the post pregnancy hair loss is quite high in some cases.

During the time of pregnancy, there are many women who really feel wow about their thick and lustrous hair and many do admit that pregnancy has given their hair a new lease of life. But as soon as the baby is born all that thickness just vanishes. And you get alarmed that your hair brush now has more hair strands than usual. Well, do not hit the panic button. It is a very common symptom and you can certainly take aid of post pregnancy hair loss remedy.

There are some women who have a lot of hair loss and there is also an occurrence of post pregnancy hair loss bald spots. If you find that you are losing more hair and it is uncontrollable then you certainly need to visit the doctor.

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If you are wondering as to when would the when does postpartum hair loss stop, then do not worry, it would come down before 6 months from the time your baby is form. Well, you also need to know that on an average there are about 100 strands of hair lost every day and during the time of pregnancy, the hormones prevent the hair from falling. So, after you give birth, your hormone levels are back and all that hair tends to fall off now. It is just those extra hairs that is falling off but remember, you are not going bald.

Well, any doctor would state that the post pregnancy weight loss is just a temporary phase and there are some tips which can help in the post pregnancy hair loss treatment.

  • You can try getting yourself a new hair cut. A different hair cut might help you look better and a layered look will make your hair look thicker and fuller.
  • Another way to keep your hair well maintained during this time is to keep your hair moist with the use of a good conditioner after your shampoo. This prevents your hair from drying out and you can reduce hair fall too.
  • Be very soft and nice to your hair. Choose a brush which has wide teeth as your hair won’t get strangled and thus won’t break and you will not see so much of hair on your brush.
  • Never use chemicals which are harsh on your hair. These chemicals will increase your hair loss and at times your hair in the middle can get thin and the sides would remain thicker.
  • Also avoid wearing any hair ornaments which can cause that extra damage to your hair. At times even the rubber bands that you used to tie your hair can drag out some hair. So, be gentle and use those bands or hair accessories that do not cause any damage to your hair.

Follow these tips and a little change in your diet can help you reduce your hair fall. If you think you have more hair loss, then do consult your doctor who can help you with some multi vitamin tablets.

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