Getting Pregnant

The Secret on How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

Pregnancy is a gift for any couple when they start a new life. It is a moment of excitement and enthusiasm for the couple when they know about the pregnancy. On the other hand it becomes a great worry if there is a problem in getting pregnant.

While some can get pregnant with ease, there are couples who might face some little hiccups. While a consultation with a physician is a must, there are also some tips which can help you in getting pregnant fast.

If you and your partner are planning to get conceive then the following tips for getting pregnant fast will assist you further.

Say a good bye to the Pills: Yes, if you are trying for pregnancy then the very first thing is you must stop are the contraception pills. After stopping the contraception (birth control pill) you may see some changes in your regular period. Few women will the very next month after stopping the pill. This is one of the very first of the tips to get pregnant fast.

Folic Acid: Intake of Folic acid is important and it is given to the women when they try to get pregnant as it aids in reduction of the birth defects of brain and spinal cord. Folic acid is nothing but vitamin B and this certainly helps getting pregnant fast.

Avoid Smoking, Drinking and Drugs: Smoking and alcohol intake will have more effect in male fertility. It reduces the sperm count and also the chances of miscarriage or pre-mature birth and low weight birth will occur due to the above habits. Especially women must avoid alcohol during and smoking if they are planning for pregnancy.

Regular Weight Check Up: Over weight is also one of the factors that affect pregnancy. To get pregnant your weight must be reduced. Diet and exercise will give you best results.

Emotion Control: One of the mostly given tips on getting pregnant fast is that women should control their emotions. They should not suffer from depression and their mind must be relaxed. For relaxation they can attend classes like yoga or meditation.

Natural and Spontaneous: When the couples are trying to get conceive their sex contact must be very natural and spontaneous. They should not have the intercourse only for getting pregnant. It doesn’t work. For natural sex they can change their environment or the room in a house to feel good. Position is also important and couples can refer online to know more about positions to get pregnant fast.

Ovulation Period: Calculate your ovulation period and have intercourse often during that period. Note that if your partner has less sperm count there should be some time gap for intercourse. Consult a doctor in such cases.

Caffeine: The habit of drinking more coffee leads to infertility. Even though there are no proper investigations some researchers say that women who are trying to get pregnant must reduce their caffeine intake.

Above mentioned are some simple and easy to follow things to keep in mind in case you are trying for pregnancy. If you are following most of these and yet are not able to conceive then it is advised to consult a doctor.

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Hi, I’m Stephanie. I graduated college with a business degree and a minor in biology. I met my husband at a business convention and was happily marriage and pregnant within the first two years after saying the words “ I do”. Jennifer is the eldest of the three. Being pregnant with her, my first, I researched everything pregnancy related and read nearly every book. Giving birth to Anthony and Matty seemed more natural and less stressful the third time around. I’m happy to share what knowledge I have gathered and learn new things from other mothers. From morning sickness to Anencephaly, or potty training to thumb sucking, I have books and resource guides to share.