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What Causes of Skin Rashes During Pregnancy

Rashes do and can occur during pregnancy and these can be stated as a type of inflammatory reactions of your skin. With a number of hormonal changes and the stretching of your skin, there are rashes which can occur at differences places of your body or can occur only at a specific part. You can as well see change in the color as well as texture of your skin. Pregnancy rash though is common should never be taken easily. These rashes can at times cause severe itchiness and swelling too.

There are various factors which can cause rashes in pregnancy. Some of these rashes can be very mild and there can be some serious ones too. While some can occur due to insect bites or allergies, some might as well occur due to infections or medicine side effects or even due to the disorders of the tissues.

While heat rash during pregnancy is very common, there is another kind of rash which only occurs in pregnant women. This is known as the PUPPP or Pruritic Urticarial Papules.

More About PUPP

As it is already mentioned, PUPP is the most common rash in pregnancy and this occurs when the woman is about 35 weeks pregnant. This is very common in first time pregnant women and it can also happen due to hereditary. Apart from the rash, there can also be itchiness too which can last from anything from a week it can continue till birth. While PUPP can be named as very uncomfortable, doctors say that it does not cause any threat to the mother or the baby.

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This type of rash during Pregnancy is also named as PEP in UK. Let us have a look at some of the symptoms of PUPP. While many women state that itching is the most uncomfortable part and even the rash leaves some bad red marks on the abdomen. The below mentioned are some common symptoms which can help you understand it is one of those common skin rashes during pregnancy or if it is a PUPP.

  • Woman suffering from PUPP can experience extreme itchiness.
  • There is also a change in the color of the skin.
  • Small blister like formations can be seen.
  • You can also see eczema like lesions if it is PUPP.
  • The rash starts with abdomen and then can spread to other parts of the body.
  • The rash does not occur on the belly button but is seen in the surrounding belly.
  • You can find the stretching of the skin and you can see some visible stretch marks.

PUPP occurs as you start seeing some stretch marks on the skin and they later tend to look bumpier with passing time. They can at times turn red and also become bigger.

If you witness these rashes at the very early stages, then you certainly need to see your doctor as they will have enough time to diagnose the reasons for the same and suggest you some medication. If it is a PUPP then the doctor would give some ointments and oral medications depending on how severe the rash is. The doctors can also suggest some home remedies which can help you relive the itchiness.

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