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How Stress is Harmful During Pregnancy For Both Mom And Baby

Discovering that you are pregnant for the first time is really exciting and wonderful news. You are blissfully happy and want to do all the right things so that you can have a safe pregnancy. This is also the time where you get excited and at the same time a bit confused on how to lead the life from now on until the end of pregnancy.

Once a mother discovers that she is pregnant, she often thinks about many things that they can do and cannot do. There are many stages a mom has to cross during the pregnancy time like morning sickness, giving up personal habits like to stop taking caffeine, adjustments in the food eating habits and so on. There are is also a need to do some personal sacrifices and some discomfort to feel but the end once you hold your baby in your arms you forget all about your tensions and discomfort and embrace the new life with full of joy and satisfaction.

The first and foremost thing that any mother needs to be prepared is to avoid any kind of stress during pregnancy first trimester. According to many studies and researches if a mother feels stress and tensions during the first three months of her pregnancy then it may result in effecting the microbes that are present in the mother’s vagina which are transferred to the new born baby.

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Effects of stress during pregnancy will have an impact on the baby’s brain development, immune system and metabolism. This is the reason why the doctor’s always recommend avoiding any kind of stress and tensions during the first three months as these are the important months. There should not be any kind of pressures or tensions when a mother is in the stage of pregnancy.

How Stress During Pregnancy Effect on Baby

One cannot simply define that these are the stress factors and should be avoided. The levels of stress depend on the condition of the mother and vary from one person to another. Some feel stress due to small things like noises or pollution while some feel stress due to lot of pressures. Whatever may be the reason, try to avoid situations where you feel stressed. Try to go for other alternatives where you can relax like listening to music, reading books or going for a small walk etc.

Stress During Pregnancy

By following simple relaxation techniques and organizing your life in a healthy way not only benefits you but also your baby. Some have a misconception that during pregnancy there is no need of doing exercises and you can eat anything you want! This is totally a wrong idea!

While eating more food since you has to nourish your child within you is recommended, do not eat foods that are not healthy. Choose foods that are beneficial to both the mother and the baby. Also doing simple exercises recommended by the doctor is advantageous. It not only helps in having a risk free pregnancy but also helps in maintaining your health during and also after pregnancy time.

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