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Is Sudafed Safe During Early Pregnancy

Sudafed is a very common drug among pregnant women and is scientifically referred to as Pseudoephedrine, Entex, Nexafed, Afrinol, Allermed, Novafed, Seudotabs, Sudrine, Suphedrin or Nasofed. The names look strange but the scientific researchers refer to it with these. As such, Sudafed is a kind of drug which helps in treating nasal congestion, symptoms of flu, sinusitis, colds and coughs and this drug has been known to be a very safe medication for the pregnant women.

As much as Sudafed is considered to be safe during pregnancy, the pregnant mothers should avoid using it in the first stage or the first trimester to be precise because this is the time when the basic physical development of the fetus is taking place hence when it is used at this time, there will be a very high risk of physical malformations of the baby hence it will be advisable to use Sudafed in the second and third trimesters by the pregnant women and the hypertensive women should avoid using Sudafed during pregnancy because it will bring them risks such as high blood pressure which can worsen their condition hence they should avoid it at all costs.

Risks of Taking Sudafed in Early Pregnancy

As I had put it earlier, using Sudafed medication by pregnant mothers is very risky since it can bring risks such as blood vessel constriction which in turn slows down the uterine blood flow although in some women who used it in the first trimester did not have any problems according to some researchers but the risk is still there.

Also, using decongestants in the first trimester like Sudafed here can be very risky in early pregnancy since it can bring a higher risk of birth defects like gastroschisis and small intestinal atresia. In Gastroschisis, the abdominal wall of the baby will fail to develop hence it will result with the baby’s intestines hanging outside its body which is very dangerous and it has also been associated with other complications like cardiac problems, intrauterine growth restriction and pre-term birth. In Gastroschisis, the bowel of the baby floats freely with the amniotic fluid which is supposed to be contained which may be very risky to the bowel because it will be damaged severely. This condition can only be treated through surgery.

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However, even though Sudafed may have some risks, it is among the most recommended drugs for pregnant women since it is safe according to a research conducted by some renowned doctors. However Sudafed has been classified as a Category C drug by some researchers which in simple terms implies that it can be of great danger to a growing fetus since it can pass easily via the placenta. The researchers are still conducting an in-depth research and analysis on the same though.

Appropriate Sudafed Dosage During Pregnancy

Before using Sudafed, there is a certain required dosage which is required for the pregnant women to take which is normally 30-60mg once for every four to six hours but it will be advisable for you to consult with your doctor first so that you can get a precise dosage which can help in preventing adverse reactions in the body.

Not to forget, some pregnant women tend to take Sudafed together with other drugs or substances something which is not right as it has been proven. Sudafed should not be taken with drugs such as the diet pills, caffeine pills because this will increase the risk of blood vessel constriction which can be very harmful hence it will be advisable for you to consult with your doctor and know which kind of drugs it can be taken with. Also, Sudafed can be administered in very many ways during pregnancy and the common methods that are used include oral syrups and tablets.

The tablets should be taken with a glass of water and you should not chew or crush them because that will result to very large amounts of the drug being released into the system which is highly dangerous. If the doctor has prescribed for you the oral syrup, then you should shake it well always and make sure you take the required prescribed dosage by measuring properly using a spoon and it should be an ordinary tablespoon.

Sudafed can also have some effects on breastfeeding mothers just like the pregnant mothers. Some of the researchers after conducting their research found out that Sudafed can be passed through breast milk which can result in decrease of the milk volume and can result to the baby being irritated hence it is advisable for breastfeeding mothers to avoid Sudafed.

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