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Causes of Sweating at Night During Pregnancy

Sweating at Night During Pregnancy

There are many people who tend to experience night sweats. This is known to be one of those symptoms which get associated with menopause or obesity or thyroid and pregnancy. Genetics are also one of the main reasons for those sweaty nights. If you are prone to sweating at night while sleeping then you would as well see more of this when you are pregnant. If you are experiencing night sweats pregnancy, then it is important that you consult a doctor about the same.

The occurrence and the reasons for night sweats during pregnancy can vary widely. There are some women who have had experienced this on occasional basis and they wake up all soaked up in sweat, but they still sleep without interruption. The others still have problems which mainly occur in the first as well in the third trimesters as this is the time that the fluctuations in the hormones are very common. For most of them these problems disappear as soon as the baby is born.

Let us know discuss in detail as to what causes pregnant night sweats.

The hormones are the ones that are certainly to be blamed for all that sweating during pregnancy. Lower levels of estrogen causes the improper functioning of hypothalamus. This is one section of the brain which helps in the regulation of the temperature of the body.

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During the time of pregnancy, the estrogen levels in the body change which are read wrongly by hypothalamus and thus more heat is produced by the body. This ends up in excessive sweating. This is the biggest problem for some pregnant women is that it mostly interferes with the sleep and when the sweating gets worse, some even go to the extent of changing the bed sheets.

How To Minimize Night Sweats?

Well this might be one of the most common questions which are asked by many who are suffering from sweating during pregnancy. There are certain remedies which one can follow to reduce excessive sweating at nights. Never keep your room warm as it might increase your sweating. You can open the window and also turn down any thermostat you are using. You can switch on the fan or even your ac and you can do this based on the climate in the place you live.

Never sleep bundled yourself in those blankets or thick pajamas as the heat cannot escape. Make sure you wear some light cotton pajamas as it will help in staying cool and do not pile up any blankets over you. Some also prefer taking a cold shower before sleeping as it helps reduce the body temperature.

You can also reduce sweating by taking more rest and this excessive sweating happens due to the changes inside your body. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep as it is a must for any pregnant women. Also avoid any foods which can worsen the situation like spicy foods or caffeine.

If you feel that the night sweating is bothering too much, then have a word with your doctor.

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