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Tips and Advice for Unexpected Pregnancy

Expected and unexpected pregnancy both are indications of a growing baby in the womb. Unplanned pregnancy causes surprise in life of expectant parents. It takes some time to cope with sudden news. Some parents may find it welcome news whereas for others unplanned pregnancy might bring some tensions and adjustments.

Pregnancy Tips and Advice

Unexpected pregnancy advice is a boon during an unplanned pregnancy because ongoing stress starts making a contrary impact on health of mother. Some important advice and tips to cope with an unplanned pregnancy are as follows:-

  • Gaining support from immediate family is a very important part of unexpected pregnancy. This backing can help mother to deal with issues so that she can face her situation positively. In case a family is not supportive then it is possible to take help of various organizations that provide support and help to expectant mothers.
  • Keeping total focus on baby can help mother to come to terms with her situation. The upcoming baby shifts the onus from mother to unborn child thus bringing confidence in would-be mother to cope with her situation.
  • Self-care is an integral part of pregnancy and an important advice to mother is to stay calm and think about changes this unintentional pregnancy is going to make on her life. After gaining confidence, it is time to act on it by taking appropriate care of herself and subsequently baby.
  • An unplanned pregnancy starts looking real when a mother shifts her focus from various problems to baby. Many options are available for expectant mother. First and most viable option is to keep the baby because a mother knows her baby best. If circumstances do not allow her to keep and care of the baby, then the second option is to give baby for adoption. There are many childless couple in this world who are waiting for a boon named child to fall in their arms. It is safe and possible to give the child for adoption to such couples, but after a thorough investigation.

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Unexpected and Unplanned Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms for both planned and unplanned pregnancy are same and as follows:-

  • One of the most important and unexpected pregnancy symptoms is cramps even before missing due date of periods. Cramps occur when inseminated egg imbeds on uterus walls.
  • Unplanned pregnancy is easily detectable by feeling certain tenderness in breasts. Hormonal changes during this period increases blood flow making breast tissues sensitive and engorged.
  • Lethargies is a universal symptom of pregnancy as sudden hormonal changes leaves body exhausted.
  • Missing due date of periods is one main indicators of upcoming condition.
  • Partial spotting or partial periods often signifies impending pregnancy.
  • Pain in back area also indicates unplanned pregnancy symptom.
  • Vomiting and nausea or only queasiness is norm of day for a pregnant woman.
  • Increased hormones cause bloating in some patients.
  • Headache is because of maximized blood flow.
  • Moodiness is a part of pregnancy, as emotions tend to intensify due to extreme changes in body.
  • Areolas start turning darker as blood flow increases in breasts. This is nature’s way of arranging for
  • Discharge in vaginal area is because of high estrogen levels.
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