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Why Teenage Pregnancy is Dangerous For Baby and Mother

Teenage pregnancy is the pregnancy in females who are below the Age of 20 and can even occur before their first period. It is associated with complications to both the mother and the baby due to the low level of iron in the blood, high blood pressure, increased rate of premature birth, the inability of teen mothers to gain weight and even result to low birth-weight babies. Babies born by teenage mothers are exposed to a greater chance of dying than those born by mothers above the age of 20. Teenage pregnancy is therefore dangerous as it threatens the lives of both the mother and the unborn child.

Teenage Pregnancy Problems

Due to the risks resulting from teenage pregnancy, teens are likely to get exposed to emotional, health and social problems. Emotional problems like stress may result to depression and the long term effect could be school failure and then dropping out of school, the health problems could be mental lines or the complications resulting from teenage pregnancy, while the social problem could be abuse and neglect, poverty which would lead to the teen lacking essential nutrients vital for the pregnancy exposing the baby to problems of poor growth.

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Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On The Baby

These kids may lack quality education, a safe home or even face abuse and rejection from their mothers especially those going through frustrations and rejection of the baby’s fathers. Since teenage mothers lack the knowledge and experience about parenting and child development, they are not able to cope with the child’s ability to adapt and learn hence interfering with the normal growth pattern of the child. Due to their lack of experience they tend to make uninformed decisions could result to very harsh parenting making the environment not conducive for the growth if the child.

Physical Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On The Mother

The Physical Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy on the mother includes tender and enlarged breasts to prepare them for breastfeeding, runny and congested noses, frequent urination resulting from increased blood volume putting pressure on your kidneys, mouth and teeth changes, because your body requires extra calcium so if you are not eating food rich in calcium, it will be extracted from your teeth and bones, leg cramps and eating disorders.

Teenage Pregnancy Risks And Consequences

Low birth-weight children face health problems like mental retardation, brain problem and birth injuries. These teenagers’ dreams and ambitions come to an end as three quarter of the teenage mothers are forced to drop out school since they cannot meet the demand of education and at the same time carry out the duties of parenting. Premature births puts the newborn babies at risks of heart failure, the lungs may not be able to expand as expected, brain bleeding, anemia or infant jaundice. STD s harms the health of the mother and of the unborn child, improper care of the pregnancy, where the teenage does not seek prenatal care which is very important for both the mother and the baby so as not to miss important

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