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best foods to eat when pregnant

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  5. best foods to eat when pregnant

Asked: 2018-04-03 08:43:46

I’ve never had a great diet, but now I’m pregnant, I know I need to put good foods in my body, so, what do you most recommend?


Answered: 2018-04-05 08:56:11

Make sure you have plenty of dairy in your diet – milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt etc. Also, eat lean meat and fresh vegetables. Sweet potatoes are good too, and really tasty.


Answered: 2018-04-04 03:45:28

If you can, eat some fish twice a week – particularly salmon, it protects the baby’s brain. If not, take fish oil capsules. Eat dark green leafy veg and plenty of fruit to get all that natural goodness in.


Answered: 2018-04-03 13:32:23

Get some legumes in – these are peas, beans, lentils, even peanuts (as long as you’re not allergic), chickpeas – so load up on hummus.


Answered: 2018-04-04 12:21:14

People say avoid eggs, but if they are good standard, then have them a couple of times a week for breakfast. Poultry and lean meat are good for protein too. Have plenty of milk and dairy.

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