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what is low blood pressure during pregnancy

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  5. what is low blood pressure during pregnancy

Asked: 2018-08-08 06:33:34

I was super tired in my second trimester and I went to my OB. She said that I have low blood pressure. What is this and what does it mean?


Answered: 2018-08-10 05:12:09

It probably means that you aren’t getting enough physical activity. Try working in some exercise and maybe you’ll start to feel better.


Answered: 2018-08-10 05:33:16

Low Bp during pregnancy is usually a BP of less than 90/60. It’s fairly common and can come from dehydration or even anemia. Drink plenty of water and let your OB know if you’ve been more tired than usual. They can do labs and catch any issues before they get problematic.


Answered: 2018-08-08 18:54:26

It can be a symptom of a bigger problem. I think we need more info on what your doc actually said. Did she give you a reason, or just say it’s low BP?


Answered: 2018-08-08 11:37:02

I think that it means pretty much the same thing as it does when you’re not pregnant. Your BP is just low and you need to drink lots of water and try to stay off your feet.

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