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Tips for Trying to Conceive

Many people make the mistake of thinking that getting pregnant is easy for everyone. There are many times when couples try to conceive only to find that it is harder than they thought. While there are medical reasons for infertility, there are tried and true tricks that people have used for years to get pregnant. If you want to get pregnant as quickly as possible, use the following tips to better your chances of conceiving quickly.

Track Your Ovulation

If you want to be sure that you can get pregnant as quickly as possible, you need to know when you are ovulating. There are apps now available that can make the process much easier. All you have to do is provide information regarding your last menstrual cycle and the app can help you determine when your most fertile days are. Having ample sexual encounters during these days can lead to pregnancy.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Believe it or not, smoking cigarettes can negatively impact the likelihood of conception. If you or your partner smoke, you both need to quit. Smoking not only lowers fertility in men and women, but it can also lower sperm counts and make it difficult for an embryo to implant in a woman’s uterus. If an embryo doesn’t become implanted, there is no way to become pregnant.

Consider Trying Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been around for many years. It has been proven to help with many medical conditions, including infertility. Going in for acupuncture treatments stimulates blood flow to different areas of the body and can actually improve your chances of fertility. It’s important to let the acupuncturist know that you are trying to conceive so that they can give you the treatment that you really need. Many people assume that acupuncture is painful because of the needles that are used during the treatment. They are very small and do not cause pain.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Many women don’t realize how much their weight can affect their ability to get pregnant. If you are overweight or underweight, your periods will not be as regular as they would be if you had a healthy body weight. Meet with your doctor to discuss what your ideal body weight would be for your height and age. You want to be sure that you do everything that you can to gain or lose weight in a safe weigh though. Putting your body through a lot of stress isn’t good for your body because it can also affect the chances of getting pregnant.

Get Plenty of Sleep

When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, your stress hormones rise, and it can make it more difficult to get pregnant. While not everyone can fit eight hours of sleep into their lives every night, getting as much restful sleep as you can is important.

Turn off all electronics at least thirty minutes before you plan to go to sleep. This allows your mind and body to start to relax. Be sure that you sleep in a dark, quiet room so that you won’t risk being woken up in the middle of the night. Being woken when you are in a deep sleep often ruins your REM cycle and makes it more difficult to get the sleep your body needs.

Get Regular Exercise

Exercise not only serves as a stress reliever but can also help to boost your confidence. When you feel better about yourself physically, you will be able to relax during sex. The more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the better your chances of getting pregnant. Be careful not to push yourself too hard though, as you don’t want to risk an injury.

Eat the Right Foods to Conceive

There are foods that you can eat that can increase your fertility. Eating healthy foods like eggs, spinach, salmon, sweet potatoes and avocado boost fertility. While you should eat a rainbow of foods on a regular basis, when you are trying to conceive, it’s even more important. Processed foods aren’t a good option to consume as they are often filled with preservatives and additives that aren’t healthy for you and some can even hamper your fertility.

Stop Taking the Pill Right Away

Many women assume that they can get pregnant right away if they stop using the pill. This isn’t the case, though. Your body has to get back into a natural cycle and that could take a few weeks to a few months after taking the pill. If you know that you want to get pregnant in the near future, stop taking the pill right away.

Be More Adventurous in the Bedroom

There are many people who feel comfortable having sex in a limited amount of ways. While this is fine for everyday sex, when you want to conceive, being more adventurous in the positions that you use in the bedroom can actually help with conception. Many people find that having sex in ways other than the missionary position has helped them get pregnant quicker. Be adventurous but be sure not to hurt yourself during sex. Sex should never be painful.

Talk to Your Doctor

Talking to your doctor about conception is important. He or she can run tests to make sure that you are fertile, that your spouse has a high sperm count and can let you know if there are any other steps you need to take to better your chances of conception.

Getting pregnant can sometimes take time. Be patient and try to stay calm throughout the process. If you notice that after a few months of trying to conceive that you cannot get pregnant, consider finding out if there are other options available to you to make the process easier. There are some people who don’t have success getting pregnant through intercourse alone but are able to use in vitro fertilization to conceive. Once you have conceived, do everything that you can to remain happy and healthy to ensure that your pregnancy can go as smoothly as possible at all times.


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