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Can You Get Pregnant On or After Your Period?

There is nothing that stresses a woman like when you realize the time of the month is knocking on your door. From the mood swings to the pains that make you feel like you can explode. Imagine having something more stressful on your plate other than your periods. Having sex during your period is not surprising news since its something that has been there for a long time but even though you are a fan of this, you should also be careful before jumping into bed.

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period?

Its very possible to get pregnant during your period especially if you are not using any protection or birth control and this likelihood depends on the length of one’s cycle. A woman who has a regular cycle ovulates on the 14th or 15th day of her cycle and thus will be able to conceive when she has sex five days before or one day after ovulation. This has proven to be true because the sperm can be able to last for more than five days in the uterus and the cervical mucous. Other women have a short cycle which means therefore they will ovulate earlier and if you are one of these people and your period lasts for six or seven days and you later have unprotected sex on the last day of your period, don’t be so shocked to find out that you can conceive.
If you are taking any birth control pills, know that your chances of conceiving while on your period is very low than when you aren’t taking any and this is because the pill prevents the release of the egg but this has still not been proven to be 100% certain. So, don’t be too quick to take your pills thinking that you wont get pregnant.

Can You Get Pregnant After Your Period?

You may ask, can you get pregnant after your period? If you are one of the women who have a short cycle, the possibility of getting pregnant after your period is very high. When your cycle is of twenty one days, you can get pregnant during or immediately after your period. If you are trying to conceive, the best time to be intimate with your partner is when your body is fertile which is on the day of ovulation. It is even said that if you have sex three to five days before ovulation, you are most likely to get a girl and when you have sex on the day of ovulation, you will get a boy.

Can You Get Pregnant After Your Period

Your safe days are said to be before menstruation if you are trying not to get pregnant but after your period, pregnancy can very much happen and this will depend on the length of one’s cycle plus your period. So, the further away you are from ovulation, the lesser chances of you conceiving.

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Other than getting pregnant, you will also be at risk of contracting an STD like chlamydia, HIV/AIDS etc. So, it would be wise to just use protection at all times even if you are on your period. If you cant use protection, then abstinence is the way to go to avoid pregnancy or STD’S. You can also talk to your doctor and get to know which kinds of contraception will be better for you.

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