Natural Pregnancy Remedies for Relief from Anything that Ails You

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but unfortunately, many people experience morning sickness that makes the journey almost unbearable. There’re various natural anti-nausea pregnancy remedies, they have no medical side effects.

Find comfort and relief during your pregnancy with these natural pregnancy remedies. Find a natural treatment that is better for you and your baby.

1. Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Though commonly referred to as morning sickness, in some people it can last for the best part of the day. The feeling affects approximately 70%-80% of all expectant mothers.

The good news is, it’s mostly worse during the first trimester and lessens as you approach the second trimester. Meanwhile, these natural morning sickness relief methods have shown to work;

• Always Eat Something Before Getting out of Bed

If you’re suffering from morning sickness, you’ll find yourself vomiting first thing in the morning. You can relieve this feeling by ensuring that you’ve eaten something before getting out of bed. However, you need to be very keen on what you eat.

Instead of feasting on large snacks and meals, consider taking smooth and easy to digest meal that is rich in proteins. A good option is a glass of milk, a cup of yogurt, or a cheese stick. Try to avoid spicy, high fat, and salty foods, no matter how scrumptious they may look.

• Stay Hydrated

Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking up between meals. Avoid drinking while you eat as this makes your stomach get too full. Some drinks that you should try include ginger tea, sparkling water, ginger ale, or seltzer.

• Take Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is prescribed as one of your prenatal vitamins, and it’s known for relieving morning sickness. If the nausea gets too bad, you can take foods with a high dose of vitamin B6 such as fish, bread and oatmeal.

• Try Ginger

Ginger is preferred for its many benefits. Gingerol from ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties that are very effective in relieving stomach acids. You can consume this by making ginger tea from freshly grated ginger, making ginger ale, or grating fresh ginger in your foods.

• Acupuncture

Acupuncture is effective in alleviating back pains, headaches, and elevating moods. Just make sure you visit acupuncturists specializing in treating expectant mothers to avoid working on pressure joints that induce labor.

• Try Aroma Therapy

What smells greatly influences taste. You may, therefore, find that specific pregnancy safe foods can help relieve the symptoms when smelled. Such include mint, ginger, and lemon.

2. Reliving Headaches

Headaches during pregnancy are common due to hormonal changes, change in blood sugars, and fatigue. Good news is that you can effectively relief pregnancy headaches by trying any of the following natural remedies for headache.

• Calm Down

If you feel overwhelmed by the pregnancy, lie down and compress your head with a fresh towel.

• Acupuncture

Acupuncture plays a significant role in relieving headaches in expectant mothers. Women who’ve used it also confirmed relying lesser on medication.

• Massage

Shoulder and neck massage help you feel relaxed and also alleviate headaches.

• Try Relaxation

Trying relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation can help you ease headaches.

If you try the above natural remedies and feel that the headache is not going away, be sure to contact your doctor. Sometimes persistent headaches lasting for more than an hour can be a sign of pregnancy complications.

3. Natural Remedies for Heartburn When Pregnant

Heartburn during pregnancy is common with many women experiencing a burning sensation in the throat and chest. This sensation occurs when the growing uterus pushes stomach acids in the wrong direction. You can relieve the feeling by using the following natural remedies.

• Sleep Comfortably

Avoid lying down immediately after meals and instead wait as much time as possible. While you lay down, make sure you use a comfortable pillow to elate your head as you sleep.

• Avoid Foods That May Trigger Heartburn

Some foods such as spicy foods, citrusy foods, sparkling water, and carbonated drinks are known to trigger heartburn and should be avoided. Also, ensure you eat small portions of snacks throughout the day instead of feasting on one huge meal.

• Try Sugarless Gum

Sugarless gum is useful in stimulating saliva that helps in neutralizing stomach acids that cause heartburn. However, you should avoid peppermint flavor as it is highly acidic.

• Drink Something Soothing

Adding honey in a glass of warm milk goes a long way in relieving heartburn during pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy Remedies for Hemorrhoids and Constipation

As you reach the third trimester, you may experience swollen rectum veins as your expanding uterus is exerting pressure on your pelvis. You may also experience constipation which will worsen the hemorrhoids as you strain during bowel movements. These symptoms can be relieved using the following natural remedies.

• Increase Your Fiber Intake

Including fiber in your diet ensures that you have a smooth bowel movement, hence, minimizing the risk of developing hemorrhoids. You can get fiber from beans, chia seeds, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, prune juice, and flax seeds.

• Try Cold Compress

Use witch hazel wipes to help cool down the hemorrhoids. Alternatively, you can try an ice pack or a cold compress.

• Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water helps prevent and relieve constipation.

• Use Donut-Shaped Pillows

Sitting on donut-shaped pillows help relieve pressure around the rectum.

• Use Simple Toiletries

Settling for plain, moistened tissue paper helps in relieving hemorrhoids.

• Do Kegel Exercises

Kegels play a great role in increasing blood circulation in the area affected by hemorrhoids. They are also great in preventing incontinence and improving sex experience.

These remedies are meant to relieve the hemorrhoid effects and not to cure. Fortunately, hemorrhoids are not permanent and will finally heal on their own after giving birth.

Morning Sickness Is Not Limited to Morning Alone

Though commonly referred to as morning sickness, the feeling can happen any time of the day and during any trimester. It is important to note that each pregnancy is unique. You might experience it in one pregnancy and have a peaceful pregnancy journey in another.

No matter how bad it feels, the whole feeling goes away the moment you hold your bundle in your arms. If you loved this article and would like to stay informed about various pregnancy experiences, remember to subscribe to our page or follow us on social media.


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