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Nausea (Morning Sickness) During Pregnancy: Causes And Cures

What Does The Term Morning Sickness Signify?

Morning sickness is the feeling of unsettled stomach and the tendency to vomit. When does morning sickness start during pregnancy is one of the frequently asked question by any wannabe mother and the answer to it is that it starts in as early as the first week of pregnancy. More than eighty percent of the females suffer from this ailment. However, the name is a contradiction as the sickness is not limited to mornings for example some women suffer from it throughout the day or even in only evenings. In some cases, nausea is active in the first trimester only but for others it may linger throughout the term.

Causes of Nausea

Some of the common causes of morning sickness are as follows:-

  • Levels of Estrogen– The hormonal changes occurring because of the higher levels of estrogen can cause morning sickness.
  • Levels of progesterone– In pregnancy the increased levels of progesterone results in GERD and stomach acids and thus causes nausea.
  • Hypoglycemia – The low levels of sugar in the blood causes the placenta to drain energy from the pregnant female and therefore causing morning sickness.
  • Human Chronic Gonadotropin – The growing embryo releases this particular hormone for maintaining the production of progesterone hormones. This may result in morning sickness during the first trimester.
  • Sensitivity to smell – During pregnancy, due to increased hormonal changes, the body becomes sensitive to various smells. The overstimulated senses become partial to some smells whereas some may trigger a feeling of extreme unpleasantness thus causing morning sickness.

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Symptoms of Nausea

Morning sickness symptoms during pregnancy are common amongst the females. Some of them are as follows-

  • A feeling of nausea without vomiting
  • Nausea along with vomiting
  • Tendency to faint while standing
  • A feeling of dizziness
  • The color of urine changes to dark yellow

Cures from Nausea Feeling

The doctors usually do not treat morning sickness during the first few weeks but if, the sickness persists after the first semester, then, they prescribe some medications that provide comfort to the mother while keeping the baby safe. Generally, the cures for morning sickness include homemade remedies, as they do not hamper the growth of the baby. Some basic natural remedies are

  • Eating small portions of food at frequent intervals helps the body to fight the feeling of
  • Eating slowly also provides ease to the stomach muscles, thus preventing uneasiness.
  • It is advisable to sit back for a few minutes after eating as lying down at that point can slow down the process of digestion resulting in vomiting and nausea.
  • It is prudent to have simple snacks like crackers handy. Whenever one wakes up, she must eat some and then rest for at least half an hour before getting up. This may settle the stomach for some time.
  • It is sensible to avoid the food items that trigger vomiting and nausea.
  • It is practical to avoid spicy foods that may trigger acidic reactions resulting in nausea.
  • It is easier to drink cool liquids that the drinks that the stomach is able to handle and that to in small quantities.
  • Sometimes a walk or even sitting quietly in fresh air provides relief from the morning sickness.


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