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Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT): Screening and Cost

While there are many blood tests which a pregnant woman needs to undergo, there are some tests which are done to know more about your baby. One such is the Non Invasive Prenatal Test which is just a simple blood test which gives out a lot of information about any genetic disorders your baby can have.

But how can your blood give out information about your baby? The Non Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test is done by taking the blood sample of the mother to be as the DNA of the baby also circulates in the mother’s blood. This test analyzes the blood to check for any disorders the baby might have and this also helps detect syndromes like the Down’s syndrome. But pregnant women need to understand that this is not a diagnosis but it is just a screening. But the results obtained from NIPT are much accurate.

Non Invasive Prenatal Screening is now days opted by many pregnant women as it helps the doctor to plan to decide on the next steps if there is any disorder found.

How is NIPT Done?

Non Invasive Prenatal Testing involves the taking of need blood from the mother to be and it is taken out using regular syringe and needle. All you need to do is to just lend your arm, they will take the blood and this is very much safe for you as well as your baby. This blood sample is then sent over to a lab where they look for the cfDNA for any signs of any disorder.

After the results of this are obtained, the doctor then compares them to your first trimester reports to check if you need to undergo any more tests. If the test result is positive then you might have to consult a CVS and if it is negative then you will continue with your normal pregnancy checkups and routine.

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While the tests are NIPT are not recommended for every pregnant women, these are especially for those women who carry high risk of pregnancy and have a chromosomal abnormality. This is for mothers who are above the age of 35 and have had an earlier child with some genetic disorder. This is also recommended for those women who have a history of genetic disorders in their family history or your doctor might want you to undergo this test if any of your other prenatal test does not show the expected results.

The Non Invasive Prenatal testing cost is not expensive; considering the fact that it gives out the much needed information about you’re yet to be born baby. But you can as well check with your insurance company if it can be completely covered. If you are worried, then it helps to talk to your doctor and ask your partner to accompany you. This test helps you to know about any special needs your baby might need and thus you can be well prepared for the same, on time.

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