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2 Months Pregnant – Belly, Symptoms, Ultrasound, Fetus, Baby & Tips

2 Months Pregnant – Belly, Symptoms, Ultrasound, Fetus, Baby & Tips

The second month of pregnancy can be pretty challenging. At this point, your baby is developing quickly and your body is adjusting to the hormonal changes. When already 2 months pregnant, you are actually a mother since the fetus in your womb is already living, growing and developing into a full-term baby. 

2 Months Pregnant Symptoms

Two months pregnancy symptoms are usually clear and need no confirmation. At this stage, you are likely to experience morning sickness, dizziness, cravings for extra salty and sour foodstuffs, and additional excitements. At this juncture, the uterus starts to grow bigger, hormonal balance shifts, and the placenta undergoes active development. Feeling unusually tired and sleepy is characteristic of 2 months of pregnancy. The growing uterus may also create some added pressure making you (2 months pregnant mother) visit the washroom more frequently.

You may feel like peeing unusually many more times and within a very short duration of half an hour or even less in some cases. Due to the pressure generated, your urinal bladder may not be able to hold its content for as long as normal. You may also experience some vomiting, heartburn, constipation and increased salivation. In some women, this is accompanied by a total loss of appetite whereas, in others, this may be the contrary since they may actually eat more than usual. Others will only crave for selected types of foods making them extremely choosy. People around them, sadly, have to take all these in with a smile, whether fake or genuine.

The breasts also continue to swell and evolve. Headaches can be experienced too. The absence of all these signs would actually tell that you are not really pregnant. Remember, each pregnancy is unique to itself because bodies are also different, there is no such that as absolutely similar experiences during pregnancies!

2 Months Pregnant Ultrasound

2 months ultrasound is important and recommended. Between 5-6 weeks of gestational age, the results of the ultrasound will evaluate your baby’s heartbeat. At 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is known as an embryo. You may always have an earlier ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy date and to evaluate the adaptability nature of your organs to the particular pregnancy.

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2 Month Pregnant Belly

A 2-month pregnant belly, in theory, should not start enlarging yet. Take note that this is only theoretically because, in some instances, this may not be the case. It is not unusual to experience a bloated stomach which may cause swelling in your digestive tract. This may be occasioned by a change hormonal balance. The belly and the digestive organs are nearly in the same region of your body so you might mistake this for the 2-month-old fetus.

2 Month Fetal Development

A 2-month-old fetus is safely fastened to the uterus and the placenta steadily forms. Remember, the fate and health of your tiny human being depend on this important organ. This small person has a size of about 1.5mm at two months. The size greatly grows to around 12-20 by the end of this second month. Tissues developed in the first month actually start turning into real organs. The small human being has a head, torso, limbs, and ears. The genitals take shape. You are carrying your future grandchildren too! Several crucial systems later develop including the respiratory, endocrine, and even blood circulation and development of the digestive system starts forming.

Tips for 2nd Month Pregnancy

There cases where you may need an ambulance or visit a maternity welfare center. Pain in the abdomen, painful urination, extreme body temperatures, pronounced nausea with excessive vomiting, and even bleeding are signs of danger or a miscarriage. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s best to immediately consult with your doctor. Mothers with hyperandrogenism should be more careful during this period because it is usually dangerous for them. Always remember to visit a doctor or a specialist any time you witness some of these extreme

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