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Can You Get Pregnant From Precum On The Outside

Written by Stephanie McClane

What is Precum?

Precum is actually sticky fluid that comes out from a penis before orgasm when a man is aroused. It is mostly released between start of an arousal and its ejaculation. It neither has the thick consistency nor potency of regular cum. In most cases, sperm is not present in precum and in very few cases if present, its count is very low to cause pregnancy.

Precum seeps out frequently and in most cases men are either unaware of it or they do not have the necessary control to stop pre-ejaculating. It was earlier believed that sperm was part of precum but later findings proved it wrong. Only in very rare cases can precum cause pregnancy by itself.

According to various doctors, pre-ejaculation is necessary to make vagina and urethra less acidic. It also helps sperms to stay alive for a longer duration. Quantity of precum depends on individuals and circumstances as some males may release a few drops while others quite a bit more.

What is Pregnancy and How is it Possible

Pregnancy generally occurs when a male sperm comes in contact with female egg cells. This is possible through sexual intercourse and also through ART that is assisted reproductive technology.

Pregnancy is dependent on ovulation and this can occur either during a period or nearly twelve to fifteen days before a period is due. If a person is having irregular periods then it is difficult to determine actual date of ovulation.

Pregnancy is thus possible when semen travels to vagina and it is not necessary that only cum will travel towards vagina. Precum might also travel through same route and carry any leftover cum with active sperms inside vagina and thus cause pregnancy.

What is Precum

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Can Precum Cause Pregnancy?

Although precum in most cases does not have sperm, when released but it easily grasps any leftover sperm en route and hence it makes pregnancy a possibility.

In order to avoid pregnancy it is better to stop ejaculating near or outside vagina as it might travel inside. Precum mixed with cum has enough sperms to get a girl pregnant. Thus precum pregnancy becomes possible. One must make certain that proper birth control measures like wearing condom and taking pills for birth control are used to avoid pregnancy.

Can a Girl Get Pregnant From Precum?

Although it is not possible but still yes, there are instances when chances of getting pregnant from precum are possible. Some likely scenarios are as follows-

  • Precum also travels the same route that cum is following and if any leftover sperm comes is singled out in urethra, it causes pregnancy by travelling with precum
  • During sex, it is not foolproof that if one is practising pulling out at last minute, it will not have any contact with vagina. Cum spilled near vagina can travel inside and create pregnancy by direct contact


Precum is only lubrication that is released during arousal same as women get aroused and become wet. Sperm on the other hand is produced only in testicles. Hence there is no way that precum in itself can cause pregnancy.


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