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What to Expect in Week 25 of Your Pregnancy

25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Twenty-Five Weeks of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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What is important is that you have reached a commendable point in this journey. You have survived morning sickness, and all of the other changes your body has presented. The progress you have made is proving to be par for the course as you await the next few weeks to see what you have in store for you.

What to expect during your 23rd week

Expectant mothers who are 25 weeks pregnant will probably are now experiencing some stronger kicks from their baby when compared to the previous week.

It is quite easy to figure out as to why this happens. Your baby is now grown and now weighs approximately around one pound. She is enjoying the new found freedom of stretching, which may not be too much fun for you. During week 25 pregnancy it might be found that mother belly is nearby size of a large ball. This increase in the size of the 25 weeks pregnant belly can cause the pressure on the back of the woman and they can experience severe back ache. It also results in more frequently visits to bathroom.

How is my Baby?

Your baby also has hair now and even your hair would look more thick and shiny. All this occurs due to the hormonal changes in your body and this is the time you need to enjoy your lustrous hair as the extra hair strands will fall off after your baby’s birth.

Some of the other common 25 weeks pregnant symptoms are leg cramps and numbness and women can also experience random pains. To get rid of the back pain and to make sure you have a comfortable sleep you can even try getting a firmer mattress.

 The mother should avoid activities which require bending more. Your 25 week fetus needs more care now along with the baby. The mother to be needs to take a good care of the diet and get enough sleep.

25 Week Ultrasound

During week 25 of pregnancy the baby grows to weigh one and one half pounds and it measures about 13 and one half inches long. These are some visible changes that can be seen during the 25 weeks pregnant ultrasound. The fat is beginning to be filled in your baby’s wrinkled skin. Parents to be can see their baby clearly in the ultrasound and your doctor can help you see the developed parts in your baby’s body.

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During the week 25 of pregnancy the mother also needs to go in for a blood test as a preventive screening for anemia. Iron-deficiency is known to be the most common type for anemia and if diagnosed women are then recommended to take in some iron tablets during the next few weeks of pregnancy.

Most of the women also cannot move freely as before and this is caused to the increase in the weight. You can still continue to do some minor exercise and do make sure not to work out if you are feeling very tried and drained out on energy.

This is time mothers to be also start to plan for the name of their baby. If you haven’t yet started, guess it is the time to do so.

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