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What to Expect in Week 24 of Your Pregnancy

24 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Twenty-Fourth Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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Pregnancy is known to be best phase in any woman’s life and the happiness increases with the passing weeks. When the woman is 24 weeks pregnant she can expect a lot of changes within her and also see some major developments happening in the baby as well.

What to expect at 23 weeks

This is the stage when the mother can expect more and can see the changes happening when compared to the previous months. Some doctors also conduct special tests which would be helpful during the birth time.

During week 24 pregnancy some blood tests for glucose and diabetes are to be taken by the mother to be. These are some simple tests which can avoid any potential problem and it also very important for both mother and as well as to the baby. At this week of pregnancy some bright red marks begins to appear across the mother’s abdomen and these known as the stretch marks can occur as the uterus increases in size. This is also known to be one of the most common of the 24 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms.

24 Weeks Pregnant

The feeling of dizziness and nausea will certainly come down and if you still feel any, then you can consult your doctor who would prescribe some oral medication. One can also try and do some exercises but do not do any which can cause stress. If you feel tired, there is also no harm in stopping the same. This is also the time when the mother is more sensitive to light and warmth and hence it is important to wear sunglasses while stepping out. With the uterus being increasing in size, the mothers to be can at times find some change when it come to 24 Weeks Pregnant Belly.

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Whats going on with my baby?

Let us also have a look about the developments which can occur in the 24 Week Fetus. This is the time when the baby is all good to live on its own and now the baby is around 12 inches long and also weights a little more than a pound. The baby also develops the face and eyes and ears and the same can be seen during the 24 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound. This is also the time when you can feel your baby responding to your voice and the other sounds and voices around. You find that the baby kicks when it hears loud sounds or when it suddenly hears your voice and can act restless when it hears loud noises. Even the skin forms on the baby with the fat layers being developed underneath. The baby too is now growing at a fast speed and the developments are also seen in the baby’s digestive system, central nervous system, reproductive system, and also circulatory system continues to mature.

A visit to the doctor is very much needed during this stage and they also keep a close check on the blood pressure and also on the heart beat of the baby. You can as well buy the device which you can use to check the heart beat of your baby.

It is now time that you get ready for the little bundle of joy to enter your life. So, eat well and take some good rest and enjoy the happy moments.

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