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What to Expect in Week 14 of Your Pregnancy

Fourteenth Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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Don’t be surprised if your fail to slip into your favorite pair of jeans and t-shirts. These clothes are to be put aside for the present week and also for the rest of the 26 long weeks that are to arrive soon.

There will be a radical changes seen in the size of your 14 weeks pregnant belly when compared to the trimester period one. In this week 14 pregnancy you may spend time in shopping and making a brand new wardrobe for yourself. It is no less than a universal truth that women will go gaga over a new fashion. But just if they are not in a state to buy or wear what that’s in fashion would turn their gaga into a big time emotional saga.

The solution for such a temperament is to shop and choose your maternal clothing wisely. Search for the colors that will make you feel happy and good about your condition. Like a bright pink, bright green or a yellow floral shirt. Try and want to be as much graceful as you can. That will for sure make you feel good about yourself despite the size of clothes you have worn.

There is a wide range of variety of jeans found in today’s market specially designed for the week by week progress of a pregnant woman’s belly. Try and team up jeans of your choice with a loose sweater that you can use even after your maternal period. The changes seen in the baby during 14 weeks pregnant are mention below:-

Your Baby a 14 Weeks: Ultrasound

A visit to your personal doctor is much needed in this week. As the time for an ultrasound check-up has now arrived. What is an ultrasound? It is that process which lets the doctor look inside your body making him to see the functioning of your every organ inside. This is specially conducted during the pregnancy period because this makes it possible for the doctors to read and understand the gradual development of your baby. It has been noted since the past several years that these progresses differ from one pregnant woman to the other. However, there are a set of standardized progress that happens to every baby in every womb for every month. 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound will help you see those changes in your baby which you doctor will explain to you.

Your Baby’s Devleopment

There will a hike of approximately 0.52 ounces from the past week’s weight of your 14 Week Fetus to the present week. His face will begin to take definite form making his skull expand. After a gradual move of the sense organs of your baby from the twelfth week until now, they will in this fourteenth week reach their final positions. The growth of their soft baby hair will increase guarding the development of their skin. After the expansion and attaining a definite form of skull, the baby will start to grow his eyebrows and hair on his scalp.

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What should I expect

One of the random changes seen in you would be the swelling up of face, arms, feet and various such organs. This is one of the very common of the 14 weeks pregnant symptoms. You need not worry for this is quite normal change in every pregnant woman. But if the swelling exceeds its normal level, you must consult your doctor quickly before the situation worsens up. You must follow every littlest advice given by your doctor because neglecting it cannot be entertained at this tender stage of pregnancy week 14.

It will only give rise to the problems that may endanger you or the baby.

How Should You Feel At 14 Weeks Pregnant

At 14 weeks, you will finally start to get some much-needed energy back. This is the point where you may even be interested in exercising again. Make sure that it is light to moderate only, and that your doctor approves of it. If that is acceptable, then exercising is certainly a good thing, not in the least because it improves your circulation and lets your baby get more oxygen. Plus, if you don’t exercise, this is the point where you will notice side effects such as swelling, bloating, backaches, varicose veins, and so on. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, you should try to get around 30 minutes of moderate exercise at this point.

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