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What to Expect in Week 14 of Your Pregnancy

Fourteenth Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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Do you feel just peachy? That may be because your baby is now about the size of a peach. It is officially your second trimester, and I am sure you are smiling. Baby’s facial muscles are developing, and they will soon smile too. Can you just picture that toothless grin?


Symptoms / What to Expect

Hopefully, your energy levels are starting to come back to normal. As your uterus begins to move into the lower abdomen from behind the pelvic bone, there will be less urgency to have to run to the bathroom all the time. You may feel something called round ligament pain in your abdomen as your uterus grows and your body stretches. As baby’s nutrient needs increase, and your morning sickness decreases, you may start to feel hungrier.

Common symptoms at week 14 include:

Baby’s Development

Baby is weighing about 1.5 oz right now. It is now growing hair, including eyebrows. The body hair is helping to keep it warm until more fat develops. Your baby’s development at 14 weeks is progressing.

And although it may be hard to detect on an ultrasound, genitals have developed. Now you have to decide whether you want to find out your baby’s gender before birth or you prefer to keep it a surprise.

Belly Size

Your 14 weeks pregnant belly may start looking a little more like there is a baby in there and a little less like you are just bloated from a large meal!

14 weeks pregnant Ultrasound

During your 14 week pregnant ultrasound, your baby may be wiggling its toes or sucking its thumb-how cute. While the genitals have formed, this may be too earlier to exactly make out whether your baby is a boy or a girl.


Baby needs additional protein and vitamin A for proper growth and development. Try incorporating more vitamin A-containing foods like egg yolks and orange/yellow produce into your diet.

Start thinking about your baby shower if you are having one. Have an idea of what you want.

Schedule your amniocentesis if you are having one.

Shopping List

If you began a light exercise routine, make sure you have sneakers with good support.

As your belly starts growing, try a belly band with pre-pregnancy jeans instead of purchasing multiple maternity jeans

If you are experiencing stuffy nose, try using some breathing strips to help minimize stuffiness at bedtime

At 14 weeks of pregnancy, you start to feel like you are ready to eat a more varied diet than during the first trimester most of the time. Which foods are you starting to bring back into your diet that you avoided a few weeks ago? Let us know below!


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