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What to Expect in Week 22 of Your Pregnancy

Twenty-second Week of Pregnancy: Week by Week

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By the 22nd week of pregnancy you as a mother would put on a lot of weight. Don’t worry about the weight as it is only for a good reason because baby is growing healthy. This is an enjoyable time of pregnancy. You are in the middle stage of trimester and the best part is now their will be low chances of miscarriage.


Your little one would be now about 11 inches in length and its weight would be near about a pound. This week your 22 Week Fetus is bigger than ever. 22 week requires a healthy diet for the mother- rich in proteins, carbohydrates and supplemented by vitamins and minerals like calcium.

At week 22 pregnancy your baby would appear very lean due to absence of fatty tissues. The growth of internal organs is fast at this point of time. The eye takes the form of a normal eye with eyebrows and eyelashes. Even though at this stage the baby is still thin but will shortly gain weight. Even the head as well as body of the baby are fully proportionate and now the baby would look more like a new born.

While 22 weeks pregnant the taste buds have started to form on its tongue and the brain and nerve endings are developed enough so that the fetus can feel the touch.

At pregnancy week 22, there’s ample room in your womb for baby to move around freely moving hands and also for touching face, and even grabbing the umbilical cord for fun. Some of the changes in your little one can also be seen when you opt for a 22 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

Changes in the Body During 22 Weeks Pregnancy

At 22 weeks pregnancy the mother will notice the change in the size of her belly. This is a good reason. Her baby has not only gained weight, but has also lengthened to almost a foot long. It may seem that everything on your body is expanding from your belly to your breasts. This growth won’t stop anytime soon. You still have 18 weeks to go until your due date. While your 22 weeks pregnant belly continues to grow, you may start developing stretch marks. The stretch marks can be seen on various parts like the breasts, your waist as well as the inner thighs, and also on the abdomen as your body expands. At pregnancy week 22, your uterus may be two centimeters, or three-fourths of an inch above your belly button.

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The hormonal level also sees an increase and this can tenderness as well as tightening in breasts. Mood swings and irritation is also common due to changes in the hormone level. Mothers can also experience an urge of frequent urination as the pressure from the baby increases.

Fluctuations in Hormone Levels During 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

A pregnant woman mostly likes to eat pickles and ice cream because of hormone changes. Keep in mind that the effects of these hormones vary for every woman, and your moods may changes daily (sometimes hourly).

22 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Some of the common pregnancy symptoms are indigestion, increase in Heartbeat, constipation, increased vaginal discharge, Occasional faintness or dizziness, leg cramps, Stretch marks, protruding navel.

Advice for the Pregnant Mother

  1. Have plenty of water and try to stick to a balance diet.
  2. Stay away from fried and processes food.
  3. Get rid of your pregnancy blues by talking to your partner, family and close friends. Talking it out can really improve your mood and make you feel better.
  4. Regularly visit your doctor.
  5. Make sure that your blood pressure is checked at every appointment with the doctor.


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