Pain During Pregnancy

How to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back ache with pressure is one of the most common problems faced by pregnant women. This makes them very uncomfortable and aggravates with the increase in weight. Back pains during pregnancy are very common and this can at times also change the way a pregnant women walks.

Is Lower and Upper Back Pain Normal During Pregnancy?

Back pain is a common problem in most of the pregnancy cases but some of the pregnant women facing very serious complications in pregnancy. Lower back pain during pregnancy or upper back pain during pregnancy can occur due to the hormonal changes that occur which relax your muscles to prepare the body for the child birth.

While many women take the aid of drugs to relieve them of back pain, there are also other drug free methods to reduce the back pain which occurs during pregnancy.

Pelvic Pain Location in Pregnancy

Let us have a look at the ten best methods which can help you gain some relief from back ache.

How to Prevent Back Pain in Pregnancy and Gain Some Relief

  • Always maintain a good posture and try standing tall and straight.
  • Try and enroll on prenatal yoga so that you can learn some basic yoga stretches or poses. This promotes muscle relaxation and stretches them too.
  • Try swimming or try prenatal water exercises so that it helps to relive the pressure from the back and the joints. The water helps supports your body weight and thus relieves pressure. This is an ideal way to get relief from back pain during early pregnancy.
  • Severe back pain during pregnancy can occur in many. Pregnant women can also use the services of acupuncturist who has an experience of treating pregnant women and they can help you to active the natural pain relief process of your body.
  • If you are working, then try using a lumbar pillow for support. You can use the same while driving or even while sitting to gain support. You can even try elevating the foot on a stool while sitting. This is helpful for lower back pain during early pregnancy.
  • Try and sleep onto your side when you are sleeping. The pillows can be placed in strategic manner like for example, a pillow can be placed between your legs and some also place pillow resting on the back. You can also use full sized pillows for more relief.
  • Try wearing a maternity support belt and these are available in a number of shapes and sizes. You can wear them to support your muscles near your abdomen. There are also models which have a strap and they provide more relief for the back pain.
  • Try doing some simple exercises regularly so that it strengthens the entire body and also helps to avoid any additional weight gain which again would add pressure on your spine as well as back.
  • Try using a heating pad or you can even try to alternate between ice pack and heat packs.
  • You can even try the squat and lift with legs and try with lifting very small objects.

These are some simple and easy to follow tips which can be followed by pregnant woman to relieve themselves from severe back pain which they might be facing.

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