Pain During Pregnancy

Is Cramping Normal or Not During Early Pregnancy

Stomach Cramps During Early Pregnancy

What Is Cramping?

The uterus of a female is simply a muscle and during pregnancy, the contraction of the muscles feels like cramping. Cramps signify numerous changes the uterus is going through as it can easily be stimulated by

  • Exercises
  • Full bladder
  • Contractions due to non-movement for a lengthy period
  • Infection in the urinary tract
  • An orgasm

Is Cramping A Normal Reaction Or An Abnormal One?

In nearly eighty percent of the cases, Cramping during early pregnancy is a normal reaction as the cramps are directly linked to the numerous physical changes that the body is going through. Cramps occurring because of natural reasons happen-

  • With the implantation of the embryo on the uterus walls
  • When the shape of the womb starts changing
  • When the ligaments that are the supporters of womb start stretching because of the weight of the embryo
  • Abdominal cramps during early pregnancy can happen because of sudden activities like stretching, twisting or standing.

In some rare cases, it is not advisable to ignore cramps as medical treatment becomes necessary. Such reasons are as follows-

  • If bleeding happens with cramping
  • When dizziness accompanies cramping
  • When pink discharge occurs with cramps
  • Persistent cramping
  • Cramping along with back pain
  • Abdominal pains together with severe cramping

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Cramps And Early Pregnancy

Cramps during early pregnancy are a sure symptom of pregnancy as at this point of time the cramps occur because of the fertilized eggs that have fixed itself on the walls of the uterus. Leg cramps during early pregnancy are a routine part of pregnancy.

  • This occurs mostly when the muscles of the legs get tired because of the excess weight that the body is carrying.
  • When the uterus expands, they put undue pressure on the blood vessels that are returning blood from legs to the heart.
  • When excess pressure is exerted on the nerves that are linked from the legs to the trunks.

In order to find relief from cramps in the legs the pregnant female should try to stretch the calf muscles by straightening the legs. This will provide comfort and help in the reduction of pain and cramps.

Stomach cramps during early pregnancy are very common and can happen because of the following reasons-

  • In order to accommodate the growing fetus the ligaments start stretching causing cramps in the stomachs
  • The added weight of the baby results in the pulling of the stomach muscles resulting in stomach cramps
  • Constipation or wind may also lead to stomach cramps

In order to get relief from the cramps in the stomach should follow some basic simple rules. These will ease the pain and provide immediate relief. The patient should lie on the opposite side from where she is experiencing the pain, as it will make a significant difference in the pain. Eating little amount of food and increasing the intake of fluids and at regular intervals helps the stomach cramps.

Finding Relief From Cramping

The various activities that provide relief from cramping are as follows:-

  • Patients should rest their feet at regular intervals
  • Drinking fluids at regular intervals relieves the muscles and provides relief from cramping
  • Patients should avoid sauna baths and hot tubs.
  • Persistent sitting breaks and stretching are recommended by the doctors
  • Changing its positions at regular intervals
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