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Cramping While Pregnant: Causes and Tips for Relief

During pregnancy women face different problems. Cramping while pregnant is one of the very common problem that occurs during early pregnancy that is caused due to implantation and hormonal changes. Some women mistake the cramping for their menstrual cycle in their early stages of pregnancy. Mild cramps are common in pregnancy, as different changes occurs in mother’s body for growth and development of baby. At this stage Uterus expands exert pressure on inner walls and that causes cramps while pregnant. Severe cramps and stomach pain is not considered as common problem. You must contact doctor if you have severe cramps with fever, bleeding, chills and vaginal discharge.

There are some tips that can help to get relief from pregnancy cramps. Quick positional changes should be avoided. By changing position we can get relief from abdominal pains. You can bend your back slightly to relive the pain. Stressing your back should be avoided because more strain on back leads to back pain.To avoid the discomfort caused by gas you can do small stretching exercises or can have a small walk. Using heating pads is one of the good ways to get relief from cramps.

Even using heat pads is a temporary remedy it is not recommended to use medicines without doctor’s suggestion. At this stage of pregnancy body undergoes different hormonal changes and it may cause constipation. So it is recommended to take good care and rest and increase an intake of fiber and water.

Having sex sometimes leads to spotting and cramps. Cramps are more seen in women having more than one child in their heap area. It happens as tendons become week after each pregnancy. This can be overcome by exercising to strengthen these muscles. Prenatal exercise help to improve blood circulation in both mother and baby and help to strengthen muscles.Standing and walking helps to get relief from camping. Talking warm shower or bath may also help to get relief.

For women who have pregnancy for the first time the question rises Is It Normal to have Cramps While Pregnant. Small cramps are common and along with this it may include implantation, ligaments stretching, false labor, and gas.

Some women suffer from leg cramps while pregnant. It may happen as legs tired by carrying extra weight bout no one knows the reason. It may be caused due to pressure occurred by expansion of uterus. Leg camps may start after getting bigger belly and it may plague more in day time.

We can avoid leg cramps by following some tips like avoiding standing for long time, sitting legs crossed for long time, regular stretching of calf muscles during day time and before bed, rotating your ankles and wiggle your toes, have daily walks, avoid getting tired, drink more water, relax your muscles by having warm water bath before bed, and some researches says magnesium intake in additional to vitamins also helps to avoid leg cramps in pregnant women. It also says that leg cramps are sign of low calcium levels so extra intake of calcium may help in avoiding leg clamps.


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