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What Can I Take For a Headache While Pregnant

Headache is a common problem faced by women during pregnancy. It occurs commonly in first trimester of pregnancy. These headaches may cause squeezing pains on both sides of head on back of neck and tension headache become worse during pregnancy. There are many chances to get migraine headache during first trimester of pregnancy. These migraine headaches will stay for long hours like four to 72 if untreated. This may include symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and sensitive to noise and light. There is no exact reason given for headaches that caused while carrying baby but it may be mainly due to hormones and increased blood volume and the circulation that results to Headaches while pregnant.

Intake of caffeine may also cause headache. Headache may occur due to some problems like sinus, stress, lake of sleep, fatigue, migraine, depression, allergies, hunger, congestion, dehydration, eyestrain etc. the headaches that occurred in first trimester may disappear in second trimester as body habituate to altered chemistry as hormonal floods stabilizes. During pregnancy for some who are already suffering from migraine may improve during their pregnancy. When thinking of what to take for headaches while pregnant acetaminophen is considered as safe with doctor’s prescription. Even we have some medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen. The medicines used for migraine headaches are not recommended for pregnant women.

If you have severe migraine headache you should consult doctor for medication. It is always recommended to trigger out which food intake causes migraine headaches like foods that contain mono sodium glutamate, nitrites and nitrates, artificial sweeteners, aged cheese and cultured dairy products, certain beans and nuts, certain fresh fruits, smoked fish, chocolate and carob, things that are fermented or pickled etc. and it may be due to smells, tobacco smoke, loud noise, glaring, lights and exclusive heat or cold.

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To get relief from headaches there are some tips like using compress for tension headaches, cold compress can help for migraine headaches, taking shower or sprinkling cold water gives relief for migraine, hot water shower gives relief for tension headaches, avoid being hungry and thirsty, have good sleep in peaceful and quite surroundings, have some exercise, follow some relaxing techniques like yoga, meditation, try message to relax your muscles, acupuncture, acupressure or prenatal massage etc. Constant headaches while pregnant is a great pain this occurs due to hormonal changes. These are mainly caused due to migraine. Message therapy is helpful to get relief and manage stress and consider biofeedback.

Bad headaches while pregnant is to be considered as serious problem because headaches in second and third trimester may be caused due to high blood pressure are it may be due to some serious problems like preeclampsia, are it may be result of protein in urine, liver and kidney abnormalities, or due to change in sight etc. you should call a doctor if you have bad headache in second or third trimester of pregnancy with any of the added symptoms like nausea, swelling in your hands or head, stiff neck, fever, vomiting, blurry vision, drowsiness etc.


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