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Dizziness During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

Dizziness is the very common symptom or the affect that a pregnant woman undergoes. In few cases, pregnancy is confirmed when woman feel dizzy and hence feeling dizzy during pregnancy is always considered as most common symptom.

What Causes Dizziness During Pregnancy?

Dizziness is common fainting symptom that is observed in most of the pregnant woman. Dizziness is often caused in pregnant woman due to several reasons where few among them would be as follows

The rise in the hormonal secretion than normal condition during pregnancy shall make blood vessels to become wide and relax simultaneously. As a result, it will help the body to increase the flow of blood to the baby where the return flow in veins are not much increased and hence pregnant woman usually feel dizzy during the gestation period.

Severe Dizziness During Pregnancy

In few cases, blood pressure will fall down and hence there will be low blood pressure and more chances of feeling dizzy in pregnant woman. Dizziness is also caused in the women who are with low sugar levels and take fewer amounts of carbohydrates in diet. Low metabolic rates in the body also cause dizziness in pregnant women.

Women who are anemic are most affected with dizziness. Due to anemia, there exists no proper flow of blood to the fetus and there exists no enough amount of blood in the body itself and hence there is a big chance of felling dizzy.

Dizziness During Early Stages of Pregnancy

In common, dizziness is caused in the pregnant women in the first trimester of gestation period. As body is not well prepared to have raised requirement of blood flow, dizziness usually happens in early stages of pregnancy.

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Dizziness During Late Pregnancy

As said, dizziness usually occurs during early stages of pregnancy where there are even still chances of having dizziness during late pregnancy too. If pregnant woman lie on their back allowing the weight and pressure falling on the back of the body especially on vena cave which is the big vein that carries blood from lower abdominal part of body, dizziness is caused.

Treatment of Dizziness During Pregnancy

When it comes to treatment for dizziness during pregnancy, there are always few tips that shall be followed by pregnant woman to come over the dizziness. Few of them are

  1. Pregnant woman should avoid standing for much time and hence movement of feet is most necessary when there is a situation of standing is must.
  2. Pregnant woman should follow intense care while getting up or lying down. These normal actions should be done with intense care to avoid dizziness.
  3. Having long breaks or intervals between the meals should be avoided. If pregnant woman cannot take much food, it is better to have multiple short meals which actually nourish the blood flow in pregnant body and also for fetus.
  4. Having hot baths or showers should be avoided by pregnant women.
  5. Pregnant woman should not lie on their back once they reach mid of their second trimester.
  6. Clothing pattern should be changed where wearing loose and comfortable clothes is better during pregnancy.

It is advised to reach health provider if dizziness is accompanied with bleeding and pain in abdomen which shall be due to placental abruption or low lying placenta.


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