Pregnancy Nutrition

Healthy Diet And Nutrition During Pregnancy

Pregnancy And Healthy Diet

It is very important to take care of eating habits as they have a direct effect on the health of the mother and her unborn fetus. The child’s only source of nutrition and nourishment is the food eaten by its mother. If proper nutrients and a well-balanced diet are not available to the pregnant woman then it can cause adverse reactions for both of them. Healthy diet during pregnancy is necessary for maintaining the well being of the mother as well as the proper growth of the baby.

Best diet during pregnancy

It is desirable that the mother should focus more on fruits and vegetables during the last trimester as this is the time when the baby needs extra sustenance. A pregnant woman always understands the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and hence tries to follow the guidelines of healthy eating, which includes:-

Iron – Iron deficiency can result in early birth and low weight of the child. Some important sources of iron are fish, chicken, spinach, broccoli, beans, mushrooms, oranges, apples, banana and whole grain products. During pregnancy, a woman needs a daily dose of twenty-seven milligrams of iron, which is nearly twice the normal amount of iron because-

  • It is the basic ingredient for cell formation
  • It is liable for the increased blood volumes
  • It is must for the growth of the fetus
  • The physiological changes in the body are met by the iron contents

Folic acid – Some important sources of folic acid are brinjal, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, green vegetables, papaya, cereals and berries. The expectant mother should consume nearly six hundred micrograms of folic acid in one day. It is a vital component during pregnancy because-

  • It helps the baby to grow properly
  • It helps to prevent any defects in the spine of the baby
  • It protects the brain of the baby from any repercussions

Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy
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Protein – It is in eggs, beans, lean meats and dairy products. Protein helps to meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy as

  • It is necessary for the formation of cells

Energy – A pregnant woman needs excessive amount of energy in the last trimester. A balanced diet provides the required amount of energy during the pregnancy.

Fiber – Healthy nutrition during pregnancy is in the fiber containing items like French beans, carrots, whole grains, pears, apples and dried fruits. Lack of fiber in the body results in constipation and piles and hence it is necessary to avoid Hemorrhoids.

Calcium –It is in dairy products like milk, yogurt and vegetables like broccoli, fruits like oranges. It is very important because

  • It helps in the building of the bones.

Vitamin A – It is in abundance in items like peaches, tomatoes, sweet potato and carrots. It helps in

  • Growth of organs like bones, lungs, eyes, kidney, heart and nervous system
  • It helps to combat any kind of infection

Vitamin C – It is in products like cabbage, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi and orange juice. Vitamin C is necessary for

  • healing the wounds
  • repairing the tissues
  • fighting the infection

It is perceptive to eat at frequent intervals by dividing the meals in to at least five portions so that regular intake of food is possible to both the mother and the child.

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