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What Foods And Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Whatever the diet a mother eats has a direct impact on the health and growth of the baby so it is very important to differentiate between eating healthy diet and unhealthy food items. The mother should be aware of the food to avoid when pregnant.

Maintaining Hygiene

It is necessary to avoid raw fruits, vegetables and even cooked items that have not been washed previously to eliminate the possibility of any harmful bacteria. It is wise to avoid raw sprouts of every kind like radish, clover and alfalfa as it might have risky bacteria.

Avoidance of Certain Items During Pregnancy

The following are the foods to avoid while pregnant, as they can be restrictive in the growth of the unborn baby.

  • Caffeine– Drinking caffeine in large quantities increases the risk of miscarriage and in some cases; it has a direct effect on the heart rate of the child. Intake of caffeine is therefore a strict no during pregnancy.
  • Herbal tea– As it is not a proven fact whether the special herbs in the herbal tea have any side effects; it is cautious to avoid it.
  • Alcohol – Drinking alcohol tops the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy as it maximizes the risk of stillbirth and miscarriage. Even moderate amount of drinking can make the child mentally retarded as it has an effect on the development of the brain. Drinking of alcohol during pregnancy hampers the growth of the unborn baby and thus is definitely no.
  • Seafood – Although seafood is rich in protein, but there are certain shellfish and fish that are some of the foods to be avoided during pregnancy as they contain mercury. Higher mercury content hampers the development of nervous system. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of Tile fish, king mackerel and swordfish during pregnancy. It is sensible to avoid under cooked, refrigerated and raw seafood that includes oysters, sushi and scallops.
  • Eggs – Under cooked, runny and raw eggs are included in the list of which food to avoid during pregnancy as they have bacteria called salmonella, the main cause of diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Poultry and meat– Uncooked or raw meat, beef or chicken contains bacteria known as listeria that is harmful for the child.
  • Dairy products – Cheese is one of the most common pregnancy foods to avoid as it contains listeria bacteria that are harmful for the unborn child. It is sensible to avoid unpasteurized dairy products and even packaged ice creams should be eaten frozen.
  • Beverages – Drinking of juice that have been packaged and preserved contain preservatives and added sugar contents. This proves harmful during a pregnancy.
  • Fruits – Some of the fruits to avoid during pregnancy are as follows:-

Papaya – It is wise to avoid papaya during pregnancy as the latex content in it can lead to contractions in the uterus. This can cause either early labor or even miscarriage.

Pine apples – If one has to know what food to avoid during pregnancy then pineapple tops the list as it contains Bromelain, which can induce early labor by softening the cervix.

Black Grapes – This fruit generates heat in the body that may prove harmful for the child.

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