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Are Nosebleeds Common During Pregnancy and How to Prevent Them

Nosebleeds During Pregnancy

What is a Nosebleed?

Nosebleed or simply bleeding of nose is a medical condition when blood oozes out of nostrils. Although alarming to look at they are rarely fatal.

Nosebleed and Pregnancy

One of the common occurrences is Bloody noses during pregnancy. Nasal congestion or a sinus headache sometimes hints towards nosebleed. According to a recent survey, nearly twenty percent of pregnant women suffer from bleeding through nose. Answering to question are nosebleeds common during pregnancy, yes they are. One of the reasons for this is an increased hormonal level of progesterone and even estrogen resulting in dilated and wider vessels of blood. Simultaneously as supply of blood maximizes it starts putting pressure on nasal veins. Nosebleeds during pregnancy third trimester are most common as by this time women start putting undue pressure because of extreme stress.

Causes of Nosebleeds During Pregnancy

Women recurrently ask what causes nosebleeds during pregnancy. Some of plausible causes are as follows-

  • Expanding of vessels – With an increase in blood stream, body vessels become thin and start expanding. Excessive pressure leads to stretching and rupturing of vessels
  • Dry environment – Living in arid regions results in membranes of nose becoming dry. In pregnancy along with various hormonal changes, this fact can lead to nosebleeds
  • Infections and cold – When a pregnant woman is suffering from cold and other nasal infection, mucous membranes of nose becomes dry. Irritation and infection can cause rupturing of vessels resulting in bleeding nose
  • Allergies – When a person is allergic to certain things, she is likely to suffer from nosebleeds as dry nose membranes makes nosebleeds

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Prevention of Nosebleeds During Pregnancy 

While trying to find an answer to How to prevent nosebleeds during pregnancy, it is seen preventive measures are effective in dealing with this problem. Several steps to combat bleeding in nose are as follows-

  • Avoiding ecologically related irritants like chemicals, smoke, smog and perfumes go a long way in prevention of nosebleeds
  • It is advisable to keep one’s residence in such a manner that nose does not feel congested. Usage of humidifier for keeping the air moist is prudent. Therefore nosebleeds during pregnancy first trimester is easily avoidable
  • In order to keep nasal membranes from drying out it is better to drink water at regular intervals and avoid nosebleeds during pregnancy second trimester
  • Handle the nose gently by wiping it with ease
  • While sneezing it is better to open your mouth to stop undue pressure on nose
  • During pregnancy it is sensible to avoid sprays in nose as they may have an effect on pregnancy

Caring for Nosebleeds

Stopping nosebleeds is easy by taking following simple steps-

  • Sit and pinch soft part of nose firmly
  • Start breathing through mouth
  • Continue this activity for a minimum of fifteen minutes
  • If dizziness occurs only then one is to lie down and that to on the sides
  • Usually clotting occurs within twenty minutes, however if it persists the it is advisable to call a doctor immediately
  • To stop nosebleed from happening again, do not blow your nose
  • Drinking alcohol and warm drinks is a big no
  • Avoid any strenuous activity
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