Sip and See: The New Trend for New Mothers and How to Throw One

New motherhood can be both an exciting and difficult time. The joy of holding your child in your arms is tempered by many sleepless nights and the trial of new responsibilities. 

During this time, it can be incredibly valuable to keep fun activities and joyful energy in your life. Most of motherhood’s celebrations take place prior to birth. Baby showers, gender reveal parties, and so forth. But having a fun event post-partum can have many positive benefits. 

Sip and see parties, a new trend, are just that. They offer new parents an opportunity to socialize without leaving the home. And they allow friends and family to meet your child for the first time. 

How do you throw a sip and see party? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. 

What Is a Sip and See Party? 

If you’ve yet to be invited to a sip and see celebration, you may not be entirely clear on what the event is. 

The idea of the party originated in the old south, where new mothers would invite family over to “sip” tea or coffee and “see” the new baby for the first time. Over recent years, the idea of this kind of celebration has spread across the country. 

There’s no set tradition for a sip and see party. Normally, the new parents advertise visiting hours that they’ll be accepting people at their homes, and guests come and go at their own leisure.

The size of the guest list can vary. It can be as small as just immediate family members, or wide enough to include people like your doctor or OBGYN.

There’s usually some snacks and drinks, but the main attraction is the new baby themselves. 

Sip and see parties are sometimes used by parents to replace the traditional baby shower. But many couples also decide to do both events. Gifts are not always a part of the sip and see experience, but it’s a good idea to have a table set aside to receive some just in case. 

The sip and see model is entirely flexible, and you could structure your own festivities however you see fit. Want to have set times and a dinner? Go for it. Breakfast platter and everyone out by noon? You do you. 

Sip and see parties are considered much more casual than a traditional baby shower, which allows you to shape the event to best fit your tastes and lifestyle. 

When to Throw A Sip And See Party

You’re probably thrilled to have your child home and can’t wait to show them off to the world. That doesn’t mean you should jump the gun and throw your party right away. 

The adjustment to new parenthood can be challenging, and you should allow your partner and yourself ample time to adjust before adding the stressor of a large event.

You also want to give time for your child to settle into the home environment. Young children are more susceptible to catching germs and illness, so allowing some time before bringing a lot of strangers in is advisable. 

Decorating for a Sip and See

As with all other aspects of a sip and see, the amount of decoration required for the event is entirely up to you. Some parents elect to have no decorations, allowing the child to take center stage. 

Others spruce up the home with a fun theme, selecting matching decorations that fall under the same umbrella.

Whatever you decide, you should ensure that the stress and economic cost of decorating doesn’t overwhelm your already busy parenting schedule. Enlisting sisters, mothers, co-workers, or friends to help lend a hand is never a bad idea. 

Traditionally, there are a few areas of a sip and see that can be designed and personalized. 

The Invitation 

How you spread the word about your party is up to you. Some parents send physical invites in the mail. Some send through e-mail, and others make an event page on Facebook or event hosting website. 

If you decide to make a visual invite, it’s a great opportunity to personalize your event. Incorporate a cute theme. “Welcome To The World,” could feature maps and travel imagery, while “Starting A New Chapter,” could include graphics based off of books and literature. 

When making your invite, don’t forget to include all pertinent information, including the hours in which you’ll be accepting guests. You don’t want people trying to show up once you’ve put the baby to bed! 

The Menu 

Another big decision you’ll need to make is deciding on the food you’ll have available. This is a choice you might want to make early on, before the zombie haze of new parenthood kicks in. 

Generally speaking, a few choice snacks is the best way to go at a meet the baby party. People will be coming and going, so attempting to host an actual meal is probably ill-advised. 

Consider selecting foods that match the theme you’ve picked for your invitations. If you’re doing a ‘welcome to the world’ theme, pick an array of snacks from different countries. Such choices can really elevate your event. 

Any Games? 

Baby showers are famous for the games and activities put on to keep guests entertained. You may not need such distractions at a sip and see, as the baby is there to hold guests’ attention. 

But if you want to keep the party moving, you could always incorporate some small games into the festivities. These could be classic games like charades or telephone. They could also be more baby-focused, like having your guests write messages for the child to read some years later.

Introducing Your Child to the World

New parenthood can bring a sense of pride and joy like nothing else. As you begin to raise your child in your own home, you’ll likely be bursting to show them off to your friends and family. 

A sip and see party allows you to introduce your child to those most important to you, all within the comfortable setting of your own home. There’s a reason these events are such a growing trend: they’re the perfect way to introduce your child to the world. 

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