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8 Months Pregnant – Belly, Ultrasound, Cramping, Pains & Symptoms

8 Months Pregnant Belly
Written by Stephanie McClane

The 8th month pregnancy is the stage when the real pregnancy experience sinks in – the most severe period of pains and cramping. As you near the delivery due date, you will experience contractions. Muscle cramps increases as your belly expands and become bigger. The pains and symptoms get worse as days pass by. The most painful among all is back pain, brought about by the change in the center of gravity in a woman’s body. Walking and light exercise are a pregnant woman’s best relief to ease the pain.

During 8 months pregnancy, your unborn child is bigger and more energetic. Thus, you will feel a lot of movements because of the extreme activities of your child inside your womb. Things will be a lot difficult during the last trimester because that little life is excited to see the world. However, there is no need to worry.

Pregnancy is also referred to as gestation. In humans, pregnancy begins when zygote is implanted in female uterus. The pregnancy is normally divided into three trimesters each approximately 3 months long. The first trimester is from last menstrual period to 13th week. The second trimester starts from 17th week and lasts till 27th week. The third trimester lasts from 28th week to 42th week. The human birth normally occurs at the gestational age of about 40th week. During pregnancy, fetuses grow and changes dramatically. In each trimester, there are a lot of physical and emotional changes.

In the third trimester, mild menstrual cramps may occur because of your uterus tightening in. This is also known as Braxton-Hicks contractions. These contractions are to get your uterus ready for the hard work of pushing baby out when you are ready to give birth. 7th month pregnant cramping can be a lot uncomfortable. Cramping becomes more frequent as due date approaches. As a remedy, try lying down, shifting your position and walking around to ease these contractions. Do consult your doctor if you experience more than 4 contractions an hour, severe pain in back or abdomen and unusual vaginal discharge. The cramping can also occur due to less intake of water so make sure you are drinking as much water as prescribed.

8 Months Pregnant Ultrasound

8th months pregnant ultrasound should be performed with doctor’s referring to ensure the normal growth of the baby. If your baby is lying facing outside, with a large amniotic fluid around his feature, you will be able to see his face very clearly. In the 8th month pregnancy, do visit your doctor fortnightly so that you and your baby get the best care.

8 Months Pregnant Ultrasound

8 Months Pregnant Symptoms

8th month pregnant symptoms include increase in weight (gaining an average of a pound per week) and blood volume also increase. Women feel tired and have difficulty in breathing due to expansion of uterus. Fatigue, restless sleep, leaking breast, constipation, heartburn, insomnia, and cramps in legs and vaginal discharge are also some of the symptoms that mark this stage, as are varicose veins, mood swings, stretch marks and Braxton-Hicks contraction are some other symptoms.

Other worse symptoms that comes during the 8th month of pregnancy is headache, bleeding gums, constipation, swollen breast and other painful pregnancy related pains. But again, there is not need to panic. All pregnant women go through those. Stressing yourself over these symptoms will not help. A relaxed mind will help you through all these pains. It is also important that you talk to your partner or any person close to you on how you feel about the things that are happening during your pregnancy.

8 Months Pregnant Belly Size and Fetus

During 8 months pregnancy, women feel the baby’s movements as it moves towards the pelvis in preparation for birth. 8th month pregnant belly goes down as the baby is preparing for birth. During this month the belly size increases and the belly becomes more visible and larger. Women feel intense muscle cramps because of the uterus pushing the muscle and skin covering the abdomen. 8th month pregnant fetus is preparing for self-dependent life. In the 8th month, the fetus grows quickly. This third trimester is marked with period of rapid growth and differentiation of body organs of fetus. The baby grows in size and gains weight.

In the 8th month, the fetus is about 18 inches and its weight is approximately 5.6 pounds. Toe nails and finger nails are formed. Skeleton hardens and calcium deposits. Nervous system and immune system are in the process of finishing. 8th month pregnancy pains also include Braxton-Hicks contraction. These contractions become more severe during this month. They are also known as false pains. Abdominal pains are mostly common which is caused by the muscle stretching. Enuresis occurs during laughing and sneezing due to uterus pressing the bladder.

For most women, the excitement and happiness to see their little ones always outweigh all these pains. You are about to give life to another human being. That little life inside you will be your own child, genetically compatible to your own image and likeness. After all, they say that everything hard while is worthwhile. Now you are about to see the fetus image your ultrasound result has shown you several months ago – but this time, in the flesh.

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