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Is Discharge Normal Or Not During Early Pregnancy

Discharge During Pregnancy

What Does The Term Discharge Signify?

Discharge is usually a white, thin and milky liquid that the vagina secretes during onset and during pregnancy. It is mild smelling and an increased discharge and is a normalcy in pregnancy. This generally happens because the walls of vagina and the cervix become softer and they start secreting the liquid for the prevention of any type of infections. In some cases, the discharge can change in appearance and in color depending upon the circumstances. Some of them are normal whereas in some cases treatment by a doctor becomes necessary.

Avoidance of Excessive Discharge During A Pregnancy

Several measure scan be followed to avoid an abnormal amount of discharge during pregnancy. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Wear loose fitting and comfortable cotton clothes, especially undergarments, to avoid rashes and irritation of skin.
  • One should avoid douching as it increases vaginal discharge
  • Eating a balanced and healthy diet is necessary as the fresh vegetables and fruits provide the required nutrition to the mother as well as the unborn baby.
  • Folic acid, iron and calcium supplements are very important for the proper growth of the fetus. Yogurt is one of the natural calcium supplements for pregnant women.
  • One should try to avoid and control any stress issues as it may increase the levels of blood pressure.

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Types of Discharge During Pregnancy

Brown Discharge: The term brown discharge refers to the release of the stale blood from the vagina during a pregnancy. It is a common occurrence in the first trimester as it ends within two to three days by itself. If Brown discharge during early pregnancy continues or is accompanied by cramps, dizziness and severe abdominal pain, it is advisable to refer to a doctor immediately as it may lead to miscarriage.

White discharge: The appearance of white discharge during early pregnancy is a normal occurrence as it happens because of an increased estrogen levels. In most cases, it is a confirmation of pregnancy during the early days.

Yellow discharge: It is natural to find the traces of light yellow discharge during early pregnancy but if the discharge turns into a thick yellow color with a foul odor then it is of some concern. A doctor should treat it as it may mean either an infection or the occurrence of a disease in the first trimester. In the later stages of the pregnancy when the due date comes near, it is normal to see traces of yellow discharge.

Pink discharge: Sometimes women spot Pink discharge during early pregnancy. It is generally odorless and does not lead to any painful or burning sensation. It is quite common during the first two months and stops within three days. The pink discharge signifies small amount of bleeding. If the color changes to dark pink or red, then it is advisable to seek immediate assistance from a medical doctor.

Discharge during early pregnancy before missed period is quite common as the pregnant body undergoes various changes because of an increase in hormonal levels. The softer vaginal walls and increased estrogen levels determine the frequency and color of the discharge as it varies from women to women.

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