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How To Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

What Does the Term Stretch Marks Actually Signify?

During the latter half of a pregnancy the lines that are visible on the surface of the skin, mainly in areas such as breasts, thighs and stomach, due to excessive weight gain are stretch marks. Stretch marks pregnancy goes hand in hand, as it is a proven fact that more than ninety percent of the pregnant women suffer from unwanted stretch marks after pregnancy. This is one of the most common problems after pregnancy.

Factors that Determine the Removal of Stretch Marks

Important factors that help in the determining of a successful treatment are

  • Time period that has elapsed since the emergence of stretch marks
  • The expectation of the person as it is only partly effective.
  • Convenience factor as the therapy is a long time process.
  • Cost of the treatment as some of the treatments are a bit expensive

Removal of Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

One of the most common goals of every female is to remove stretch marks after pregnancy. It is not possible to remove them permanently but some treatments help the marks to fade away and become quite lighter.

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Natural Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

How to get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy is a collective female problem. Numerous home and natural remedies that have successfully helped in the partial disappearance of the marks are as follows

  • Castor oil: It is one of the most common and effective treatment used by women since time immemorial. Massage the oil gently over the marks in circular motions for nearly fifteen minutes. Later a thin cloth should be wrapped over it with a heating pad on it for nearly thirty minutes. Repeated therapy guarantees positive results.
  • Egg Whites: They are rich in proteins and amino acids and therefore help in the fading of stretch marks effectually. Apply the egg whites in a thick layer over the area. After it completely dries, rinse the area with the help of cold or normal water.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera helps with the soothing and healing properties to remove stretch marks after pregnancy. Rub the gel on the affected area for nearly fifteen minutes and then rinse the skin with the help of lukewarm water. This process is to be repeated every day for desired results.
  • Lemon Juice: The acidic nature of the lemon juice helps in the reduction of stretch marks after pregnancy.
  • Sugar: White sugar is effective in the exfoliation of the skin. It can either be used raw or can also be used by mixing it with almond oil so that the marks become lighter.
  • Potato Juice: The juice of raw potato is rich in minerals and various vitamins that help in the restoration process and the growth of the skin cells.

Medicated Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

The most common medically related treatments for the removal of stretch marks are as follows-

  • Creams: There are numerous stretch mark creams available and you can buy from the market to remove the stretch marks successfully. Although effective but they do not give hundred percent results as the marks will only become lighter.
  • Cosmetic and laser surgery: These are expensive treatments and not affordable for every female.

These treatments are both natural and medicated. It is a personal choice to go with either of them.


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