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Can I Have a Period During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage in the life of any woman. While there are normal pregnancies, there are certain questions which many women have, especially if it their first pregnancy. And if you wish to know if you can have a period during pregnancy or even period during early pregnancy, then the answer is No.

While there can be cases of light vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, having a proper period can only happen when there is no pregnancy. Most of the times this vaginal bleeding is mistaken as the regular menstrual cycle but one should understand that both of them are not the same.

During pregnancy, the uterus grows something like a thick and blood lining which prepares for the egg to embed. In case of no pregnancy, this tissue is shed with blood and that is how the menstrual cycle happens.

After an egg is embed inside the uterus lining, the hormones help the tissue which is blood rich to stay intact so that it can support the baby which grows inside. And women will not have their regular period until the pregnancy is over.

Bleeding can occur during pregnancy and this can happen due to various reasons. While some consider it as a period while pregnant and get panicky, it is better to consult a doctor to make sure nothing serious has occurred. Some of them might have a slight spotting during their period dates but the actual reason for the occurrence is not known.

If there is a slight bleeding after having a vaginal examination or a pap smear or after having sex, this can happen as more blood enters the cervix during this time.

If you are having irregular period during pregnancy, it can sometimes be a sign of something serious. It can be caused due to an infection or also can occur due to placenta problems. This can also occur due to a miscarriage or also when you have an ectopic pregnancy and this can be life threatening as well.

If you have an abnormal bleeding then it always helps to contact your doctor right away. You need to contact them even if the bleeding has stopped as little bleeding does not cause any complications but heavy bleeding would certainly need a proper evaluation so that the doctor can be sure that there are no complications.

In cases when you have very heavy bleeding and are not in a situation to reach to your doctor, then it is suggested that you head straight away to the hospital. A proper evaluation is then done along with some tests which include vaginal examination and an ultra sound.

Taking good rest during pregnancy and combining that with a well planned diet and very little exercise helps to keep the mother and the baby in good health. Do take suggestions from your doctor and also consult a dietician who can suggest healthy diet which is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and minerals for you and your baby.


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